Sunday, 19 August 2012

Breaking Out

 I have had a private blog for a number of years now and feel it is time I published to a wider audience.

I have been busy in the kitchen over the well as cleaning the fridge I have also done a little baking.

I made a couple of fruit cakes, one to stay home (hubby loves them in his lunch box) and one for the grand-kids (they love it any time, but lunch box is OK) and

 a batch of chock-chip cookies.

I have not neglected my stitching as I have completed another block from "Cake Walk" quilt. It is just great to sit in front of the television and do some stitching, catching up on the latest mini-series and just relax - all at the same time.
I think this is block 5 and I have block 6 in the hoop......will do some more tonight! It is surprising how quickly these are getting done.

I also need to complete the quilt I am making for my grand-daughter as it is her birthday shortly. I have done the top and now have to go to Spotlight and get some batting. Have lots of little bits left over from other projects but nothing big enough for a single bed sized quilt. I do have to paint the faces on! The pattern says to stitch them but I don't think they will last and I am going to paint them on instead.
The pattern is "Bella Babushka" from Cinderberry Stitches and I have used the same fabric as Natalie has. I'm sometimes not game to diverge too far from the original!

After having gone through a drought in the mail delivery department, last Thursday saw 2 parcels in the box. I had recently placed an order for some fabric and just when I was feeling a bit down along came this surprise! I saw this fabric on a Quilt shop e-mail and knew I just had to have some!

I don't know what I am going to make from it but the little elephants were just too cute to leave in the shop and I got a good selection of colours and some co-coordinating fabrics as well. You can see these and even get some for your own at Hawthorne Threads and are called Tiny Tip Top. They are described as canvas but are just study cotton. I think they will make great bags and totes.

Until the next instalment.

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