Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Practice Makes Perfect

I recently brought a new Sweet Sixteen quilting machine and I need to spend some serious time on it getting to know the machine and practicing my stitching.

I have done a fair bit on my normal machine, but this one is quite different, especially the tension. They didn't tell me at the time of purchase that it was a bugger to get the tension right. They only mentioned it when I was commenting in the shop!
I have been practising on a Christmas wall hanging........I did make up some test pieces, but thought what the  heck! I may as well do some real stitching. If it's not perfect it doesn't matter as it is only going on my wall. I am loving all the different patterns that are sooo easy to create. I'm not perfect by any means and surely I can only improve as time goes on?

Of course the cats love to sit on everything when you are trying to manoeuvre things around! I love them all the same and it does make it fun to try and sew.

This is Fleur who loves to sit on my chair the moment I get up and then I have to try and shuffle her out of the way with my bottom to regain my seat!

And this is Ida who is quite timid but can make herself known in no uncertain terms! I got both of these from an elderly lady who was moving and couldn't take them with her. It must have been destiny as I was at the Animal Refuge looking for a cat to adopt and she came in with her cats. The refuge only had room for one cat so it was lucky I was there. It must have taken about 3 weeks for them to settle into their new home!

Well I am off now to make a card for a work colleague who recently lost her mother.
Back soon. :)

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  1. Hi Heather - so jealous you having a Sweet Sixteen ;-) love you cats, so glad to hear they have settled in ;-)


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