Thursday, 27 September 2012

What I have been up to!

I have been outside with my camera taking some shots of things in bloom and trying to sort out macro! Still not good at it but have to learn by doing!

 Orchids that grow on trees.

 Small agave flowers with Weaver (or Green) ants.

Orchids that grow in the ground

And of course my favourite flower the rose! Can you see the spider on the other flower? I didn't notice it until I was posting the photos!

Then there was a lovely surprise left by the postie! It was my fat quarter swap from Cathy at Cathy's Sewing Room. I just love the pink colours and especially the variegated thread ! How did she know that I really really love variegated threads of all colours???? Now I have to decide what to use this fabric in!

I have also decided to make another album.....well not really an album but a diary. I am using Graphic45 paper called " A Ladies Diary" and doing it along the lines of one of their compositions on their blog site. I spent a good part of the day cutting out flowers, ladies and other bits and pieces to embellish the pages. The cover is  ready for the pages, but of course I am waiting for the postie to bring me the card-stock I need to make the pages. The cover is the apricot spot paper and the pages are going to be cream. Hurry up postie I am just busting to do this project! It does take a while to fussy cut all of these pictures. I know that I will probably need to cut more as I do like to embellish heavily. I am also waiting for the stamps that come from the range but I think I have everything else I need in my stash!

I decided I wanted to make a runner for my wall unit and after thinking about designs for quite some time I finally decided to go with a Dresden Plate in the alternating blocks. I need to make it about 16 inches wide by about 80 inches long. I will need to spend some time amongst the fabric now and choose a colour. I wonder if I can work some pink into the runner. This will be a good project for the coming week-end where I can put on a DVD and sew away. I have just brought "Downton Abbey" Series 2 this morning!

Will keep you up-dated on the progress. I am hoping it won't take too long to complete as  there are other projects on hold while to do this new one.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Must be getting better - Doing Stuff!

I know I am  recovering more every day.......especially when I have a desire to sew, sew, sew!
When I went to hospital recently I realised I really needed a bag for my slippers as I could only put them in a plastic bag and it's just not right when I have been making draw string bags for most of my life for one thing or another.

So with that thought..........................................I found the perfect fabric in Spotlight. Now it doesn't have shoes on it but rain boots. I just love every one of those boots and wish I had a couple of  pairs of these beauties! Lucky for me I had some plain pink fabric to make the contrasting pieces and draw string. Surprisingly it didn't take that long to make and I did it while watching last Thursday nights episode of the Royal.
I have this fabric in a few different colour ways and there was one with umbrellas on it in the pale blue. The colour is rather brighter than in the photos and is very cute! I can see a few more projects from this range.
 I have enough to share and will have a give away shortly.

The new Tilda book was beckoning to me to make something from it and I decided to make a Cup-Cake Fairy. I had been stocking up on Tilda goodies as we now have a distributor Two Green Zebras in Australia  and they have been very helpful in providing stockist locations so I could satisfy my need for a Tilda stash fill my order. I couldn't find any light blue beads in my stash but found some lovely brads in my scrap-booking supplies and they were a great match and easy to attach! I also didn't put the wings on her....maybe on the next one! Not really happy with the hair but practice can only make me better so I see a few more coming up.

This one is for you Aunt Pitty Pat! LOL She told me she has some Tilda books and has not make anything from them! Well I hope this inspires you LOL. I must admit I have quite a few craft books that I have not made anything out of.......................but............................while there is life in this body I guess no book is safe. 
I do have "Tilda's Christmas Ideas"and she has some very cute Santas, Pixies and Snowmen, that I am just itching to make. I try to make a new decoration every year so that I can slowly replace all of the store brought Christmas things with home made things and now with more Tilda's fabric and accessories available in Australia I can choose any project from the books that I like!

Well it's off to the scrap-booking bench in the craft room to make some Christmas Cards as before we know it it will be time to start sending them out to family and friends.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Amazing what you can do when you read the manual

Late last year Mr B brought me a new camera and instead of reading the manual and really understanding what the camera could do ................ I just got on to the taking of photos.........LOL hence the quality of photos on this blog.

When I couldn't sleep this morning I dug out the manual and read it from cover to cover! It was great to learn what all those buttons are for.

Later on I went out to garden and took a couple of photos to test out my new knowledge. I did have the manual in my back pocket for reference!

The tillandsia is about to flower and there will soon be seeds everywhere on the driveway. They have attachments that allow them to float in the wind and we are constantly surprised where they attach themselves and grow.

 This bromeliad is in flower and don't you just love the colours....bright pink stems and purple and green other bits. Very plain plants but lovely flowers that last for quite some time. I could have fabric in those colours.

 Living in North Queensland the bottle-brush are in bloom and these attract various birds to feed on the nectar and I thought it made a worthy subject.

I learnt about the focus before final shoot and shooting in Macro for taking close-ups. Sounds silly I know but I should have done it sooner.
You should all be expecting good pictures of the things I make!!!

Here is the next block for my "Cake Walk" Quilt. Still 5 more of these to go and then the in between blocks. I may be able to catch up a little now I am on sick leave.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Did a Little Sewing and a Lot of Nothing

I know I needed to finish my grand-daughter's quilt last Sunday, and I didn't realise why until  I was suddenly admitted to hospital on Tuesday afternoon for emergency Gallbladder surgery.
I had been feeling out of sorts for about 4 days before that and things suddenly went from bad to worse almost overnight.
Things moved very quickly following that!

I spent the last 5 days in hospital feeling very sorry for myself.
Have dragged myself onto the computer to post today. They are telling me it will be all easier from here on but I am just not ready to be a believer yet!
Not one to dwell on bad things I just wanted to share some small things I made whilst in the grip of a moderate amount of pain. I thought it might take my mind off it for a know what they say about diversion therapy.......had to wait for the GP appointment.

A couple of zippy elephant purses from fabric recently purchased.

A few days before going to hospital Tilda's Studio arrived in the post.This was followed by Tilda's Summer Ideas which was brought to me before surgery, but I didn't really look at the book until I got home!

Yum! more bags to make!

Thought these would be great for my grand-daughter (she loves softies) for her birthday, but might have to make these for Christmas now as time have almost run out.

When I flipped through the first book I loved so many of her things that I placed an order from Sewn and Quilted and this was waiting for me when I arrived home from hospital. Carol from the shop had packaged them so beautifully into 3 different parcels. She must have known I needed a lift! I thought it was my birthday!

There were fabrics......

and there were trims.....

I think I might just have to go back to that shop and look for a bit more know you can never have enough in your stash! Just wish I was well enough to get started!!!

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Hooray! Finished at Last!

I have just finished the quilt for my granddaughter's birthday on the 17th of September.

Thought I was never going to get it done as I kept getting side-tracked and doing other things! But........I was determined to get it done this week-end as I didn't want to have to go shopping for something different when this had been planned for some time.

There was only the quilting and binding to finish as the top had been finished for some time now. It is nothing too complicated and I just quilted in the ditch. I watched a DVD (one that I had seen before) while I hand sewed the binding on. I should do a little label saying it was "made by Grandma  for a cherished little girl". I'll  do that tonight!

I should have made a card to match the quilt but I made all the cards early so as not to miss any family member's birthdays with a home made card! I thought I would be organised this year and made everyone's card in January when it rains a lot here and you can't get out into the garden.
 I started out buying large sheets of cellophane from the dollar store and cutting it into squares to wrap the cards to keep them clean, but now I have a little stash of bags that I found on eBay.  I often take them out and look at them when someone unexpectedly needs a card sent or I want to do a show and tell with friends!

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Reminiscing About Things I've Made

I was thinking of all the things I have made in the past and thought I would do a pictorial of some of  them. Of course there are many things I made without taking a photo of the finished project! Who would have thought there would be something called  a "Blog"?

This one is an old one and yes the Suffolk Puff did fall off one end. This is an easy one to grab, throw in your purse and phone and go. I would probably square off the bottom if I made another. Still get compliments about it today. I found the missing puff out near the garage and wondered where it had came from? Who had lost a puff at my place? I gleefully picked it up and thought it was my gain and began to plan where I could use it.............silly's mine!

This is my block keeper, and I found and fell in love with the pattern from one of my craft magazines. It has a ton of blocks in it now from about 3 different quilt projects and a few stitchery's from a couple of others. I sometimes just stitch up a block for the fun of it! I don't have a problem with UFO's. Do you?
Told you I was crazy for craft!

This bag I made for myself................but no sooner had I completed it when my daughter-in-law spied it and because she really loved it I gave it to her. I went back to the shop and brought enough fabric to make another.....but......I have never got around to it. Might look seriously at this in the near future, but don't know if its me now!!

These are 3 scissor keepers I made for a craft day I held a couple of years ago.  You can tell by the number that there were only 3 guests on the day. Small craft day.... I know but hey! we had so much fun!

Here I have a book bag. As I love to read I decided to make one for my work bag so my books don't get squashed. There are a lot of things in my work bag! When borrowing other people's books I like to keep them in the condition that I received them and this bag does the trick!

This is the latest bag I have made (other than the Black & White affair - which I can't show you) and it is a Janelle Wind pattern from her book Pieces of Me.

There are many more bags of different descriptions hanging around the craft room and  in the wardrobes, but I think I should stop here. I guess I started making simple drawstring bags for my children 25-30 years ago, something for marbles, cards, Barbie dolls etc.. I am often asked to run up a bag with a particular superhero on it for the grandchildren when they stay for a sleep over, so I guess it's in my blood!

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Working on My Black & White Project

Friday saw me going to Spotlight to purchase fabric for my "Lets Exchange" swap Black & White bag. Of course I didn't have any black fabric as it is not really a favourite of mine but I always have plenty of white fabric around.

My daughter and I spent the morning shopping for fabric as she has a couple of small projects to make as well, so we had a lovely day together. Shopping and lunch!
Of course there was room for cake and coffee.

I did get a nice selection of fabric and I think I am beginning to like this black and white stuff. I may just have to use these colours a bit more! Here is a snippet of the almost completed item. I don't even know who my partner is yet!!!!!!

Also included in the swap is something scented?  Of course, without even looking we (actually my daughter must take the credit for this) found something scented and what do you know!! it's black and white also! Some days you just can't go wrong. I am just loving this! It feels like Christmas come early.

Well ......I will have to get back to the other projects I have on the go now and leave the black and white theme behind for another day.