Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Amazing what you can do when you read the manual

Late last year Mr B brought me a new camera and instead of reading the manual and really understanding what the camera could do ................ I just got on to the taking of photos.........LOL hence the quality of photos on this blog.

When I couldn't sleep this morning I dug out the manual and read it from cover to cover! It was great to learn what all those buttons are for.

Later on I went out to garden and took a couple of photos to test out my new knowledge. I did have the manual in my back pocket for reference!

The tillandsia is about to flower and there will soon be seeds everywhere on the driveway. They have attachments that allow them to float in the wind and we are constantly surprised where they attach themselves and grow.

 This bromeliad is in flower and don't you just love the colours....bright pink stems and purple and green other bits. Very plain plants but lovely flowers that last for quite some time. I could have fabric in those colours.

 Living in North Queensland the bottle-brush are in bloom and these attract various birds to feed on the nectar and I thought it made a worthy subject.

I learnt about the focus before final shoot and shooting in Macro for taking close-ups. Sounds silly I know but I should have done it sooner.
You should all be expecting good pictures of the things I make!!!

Here is the next block for my "Cake Walk" Quilt. Still 5 more of these to go and then the in between blocks. I may be able to catch up a little now I am on sick leave.

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