Sunday, 16 September 2012

Did a Little Sewing and a Lot of Nothing

I know I needed to finish my grand-daughter's quilt last Sunday, and I didn't realise why until  I was suddenly admitted to hospital on Tuesday afternoon for emergency Gallbladder surgery.
I had been feeling out of sorts for about 4 days before that and things suddenly went from bad to worse almost overnight.
Things moved very quickly following that!

I spent the last 5 days in hospital feeling very sorry for myself.
Have dragged myself onto the computer to post today. They are telling me it will be all easier from here on but I am just not ready to be a believer yet!
Not one to dwell on bad things I just wanted to share some small things I made whilst in the grip of a moderate amount of pain. I thought it might take my mind off it for a know what they say about diversion therapy.......had to wait for the GP appointment.

A couple of zippy elephant purses from fabric recently purchased.

A few days before going to hospital Tilda's Studio arrived in the post.This was followed by Tilda's Summer Ideas which was brought to me before surgery, but I didn't really look at the book until I got home!

Yum! more bags to make!

Thought these would be great for my grand-daughter (she loves softies) for her birthday, but might have to make these for Christmas now as time have almost run out.

When I flipped through the first book I loved so many of her things that I placed an order from Sewn and Quilted and this was waiting for me when I arrived home from hospital. Carol from the shop had packaged them so beautifully into 3 different parcels. She must have known I needed a lift! I thought it was my birthday!

There were fabrics......

and there were trims.....

I think I might just have to go back to that shop and look for a bit more know you can never have enough in your stash! Just wish I was well enough to get started!!!


  1. Hi Heather i hope you will be feeling better soon,love the purses you made and those tilda books are fantastic.xx

  2. Heather thank you for contacting me. I hope you have fun on the Pins and Needles blog. I look forward to seeing some of your work.
    I love your blog.. wow those fabrics look delicious... wonderful colors and such fun prints.
    I see you have had surgery also. I hope you get to feeling better quickly. Nothing worse than being down for a while. I have been down for 5 weeks. I am having trouble moving my neck in the right position to see to sew and that is driving me nuts. (I had neck surgery)
    I sort of like the Tilda books also. I think I have two of them. LOL haven't made anything from them.. but I love the photos and the write ups are fantastic.
    Please drop by my personal blog for a visit ;O) I would love to have you.


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