Sunday, 9 September 2012

Hooray! Finished at Last!

I have just finished the quilt for my granddaughter's birthday on the 17th of September.

Thought I was never going to get it done as I kept getting side-tracked and doing other things! But........I was determined to get it done this week-end as I didn't want to have to go shopping for something different when this had been planned for some time.

There was only the quilting and binding to finish as the top had been finished for some time now. It is nothing too complicated and I just quilted in the ditch. I watched a DVD (one that I had seen before) while I hand sewed the binding on. I should do a little label saying it was "made by Grandma  for a cherished little girl". I'll  do that tonight!

I should have made a card to match the quilt but I made all the cards early so as not to miss any family member's birthdays with a home made card! I thought I would be organised this year and made everyone's card in January when it rains a lot here and you can't get out into the garden.
 I started out buying large sheets of cellophane from the dollar store and cutting it into squares to wrap the cards to keep them clean, but now I have a little stash of bags that I found on eBay.  I often take them out and look at them when someone unexpectedly needs a card sent or I want to do a show and tell with friends!


  1. love that quilt Heather and i try to do the same with the cards and this one is very cute,well done.xx

  2. I love how colorful your quilt is. When I first scrolled by the quilt, I thought those were cute little purses, but on 2nd look, noticed they were Matroshkas! How adorable! Did you use a pattern? We lived in Russia for 6 years during the 90's, and those little stacking dolls are dear to me. Well done! Thanks for your visit to my blog yesterday!


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