Saturday, 8 September 2012

Reminiscing About Things I've Made

I was thinking of all the things I have made in the past and thought I would do a pictorial of some of  them. Of course there are many things I made without taking a photo of the finished project! Who would have thought there would be something called  a "Blog"?

This one is an old one and yes the Suffolk Puff did fall off one end. This is an easy one to grab, throw in your purse and phone and go. I would probably square off the bottom if I made another. Still get compliments about it today. I found the missing puff out near the garage and wondered where it had came from? Who had lost a puff at my place? I gleefully picked it up and thought it was my gain and began to plan where I could use it.............silly's mine!

This is my block keeper, and I found and fell in love with the pattern from one of my craft magazines. It has a ton of blocks in it now from about 3 different quilt projects and a few stitchery's from a couple of others. I sometimes just stitch up a block for the fun of it! I don't have a problem with UFO's. Do you?
Told you I was crazy for craft!

This bag I made for myself................but no sooner had I completed it when my daughter-in-law spied it and because she really loved it I gave it to her. I went back to the shop and brought enough fabric to make another.....but......I have never got around to it. Might look seriously at this in the near future, but don't know if its me now!!

These are 3 scissor keepers I made for a craft day I held a couple of years ago.  You can tell by the number that there were only 3 guests on the day. Small craft day.... I know but hey! we had so much fun!

Here I have a book bag. As I love to read I decided to make one for my work bag so my books don't get squashed. There are a lot of things in my work bag! When borrowing other people's books I like to keep them in the condition that I received them and this bag does the trick!

This is the latest bag I have made (other than the Black & White affair - which I can't show you) and it is a Janelle Wind pattern from her book Pieces of Me.

There are many more bags of different descriptions hanging around the craft room and  in the wardrobes, but I think I should stop here. I guess I started making simple drawstring bags for my children 25-30 years ago, something for marbles, cards, Barbie dolls etc.. I am often asked to run up a bag with a particular superhero on it for the grandchildren when they stay for a sleep over, so I guess it's in my blood!

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  1. heather i enjoyed your show and tell,well done.xx


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