Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Fat Quarter Swap & Give-away

Here are my wonderful fat quarters form the lovely Barb. I love this fabric range from Monica Solorio-Snow called Happy Mochi Yum Yum.

There are matching threads and some ric-rac. Love it all! Thanks very much Barb and I hope you like what I have selected for you. Didn't have my head screwed on that day and just happily sent them all off without a piccy! I WAS very please with myself to get them off in the post in a reasonable time frame !!!!!

I have done a little more on my table runner and it at least looks like one now! Can't wait to get it finished and out where it belongs.

Still have another border around the outside and something on the ends.................haven't decided what yet, but have had a number of suggestions from daughter and friends.

I am having a give-away for my followers to thank you for your encouragement and wonderful comments. They are just the things that a sister would say if I had one. I feel like you are all my stitching sisters. LOL! Hope I'm not getting too sentimental and soppy! Where are those dam cats when you need them?
I have a fat quarter pack of this lovely fabric I purchased recently from Spotlight.
Now if you are aren't a follower and would like to become one there is another fat quarter pack for any new members also.

To be in the draw just leave a comment on this post. I will draw out the winner Saturday night 17th November.  Happy to post international as well.
Good luck everyone.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

FNSI Entry No 2

Finished the binding on the quilt today while watching a movie. No cats helping meant I got a lot done!

After a couple of years on the go it's finally finished and ready for Christmas. Love those reindeer!

Friday Night Sew In.

I decided to get the binding completed on my reindeer quilt for Friday Night Sew In. I think I started this the year before last and have just never got around to finishing it. Of course I didn't have it ready to go! But I thought I had enough time before Better Homes and Gardens to get everything ready and start stitching.

 Cutting the binding strips.

 Joining the strips.

 Help with checking the final measurement. Just needing to check that I have made the binding long enough! Cat offered........couldn't really refuse could I? Do hope her maths is up to scratch!

Strips ironed and ready to go. Better Homes and Gardens not on yet so still have time.

Sewing on the binding................I can hear Better Homes and Garden starting........dam! Just need to trim!

Cat looking out window at dog!!!!!!! Lucky I was watching where I was cutting!
No cats were injured in the making of this quilt!

Ahh! Now to settle down and stitch my binding and watch Better Homes and Gardens on the telly.

 First cat number 1.........then cat number 2, thought it would be good to settle down and watch with me! Had soooo much trouble trying to move the quilt around because cats are heavy and very reluctant to move once settled on one's lap!

I only got about half way round and will finish it today sometime. Never mind.........I had a great time thinking about all the stitcher's around the world sewing with me. I love FNSI don't you?

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Beautiful Blooms

I have had hyacinth growing in my fish pond for some time now and it has never bloomed.
Guess what.........it did so the other day and I took a couple of snaps of the flowers opening.

 Here they are early in the morning just starting to open.

 A close up of the flower

Here they are in full bloom.

Now I haven't been idle in the garden all week-end and while I did do a couple of hours mulching and watering I spent some time in the craft room as well.
I decided to trace out the remaining 5 stitchery blocks for my "Cake Walk " quilt. Every-time I want something to stitch I never have a block ready and all that prep time makes me just put if off for another day. So now I have all ready to stitch. I can't wait to make a start on the alternating blocks when these are done!

I  made this little basket some time ago so that I can have my threads, needles, stitchery and scissors available to grab and go when ever I need them. I have a couple of them and they contain different projects. That way if I need to leave it for a while I have everything together and ready for when I take it up again.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Lazy Week

As the title states I have had a bit of a lazy time last week. Mind you I did have a nasty cough and didn't get much sleep at night. Did get to read a few blogs  when I  couldn't sleep. This was usually around 2 or 3 am!

What have I been doing?

Watched series 1 and 2 of Downton Abbey. Needed to refresh myself with series 1 as not sure if I had seen the lot on TV and series 2 was completely new as I didn't bother to watch when it was on and thought I would wait for it to come out on DVD.
While this was on I was able to do a little stitchery. It was a new pattern (newly purchased for me that is) of Bronwyn Hayes called Christmas Hangers. I saw the items made up at the recent Townsville Craft Show and knew I just had to have this pattern. I love Christmas things and want to make the other two  hangers as well.
I only need to do the eyes in black and pom-pom on Santa's hat and Rudolph's nose. Santa can have  a ready made pom-pom instead of satin stitched.

 I really love the thread colours that have been chosen for this project. When I was looking for them in my stash I didn't really like the look of them separately, but when you put them together they look great, especially when stitched.

 I also did some more work on my runner.  I pieced together the Dresden Plates and have them pinned where they are to stay. I still need to complete the centres yet, and I am in the process to doing the strips that are going in between the main blocks. Don't know what you call them! There are 4 plates ...........yes I did do another. I did two with blue on the border and two with yellow. I don't have enough fabric to do them all the same as I am using scraps left over from my Bella Babushka quilt.

I sometimes think I am quite mad when it comes to the amount of projects I start. I have about 6 on the go at any given time! How many do other crafter's have? Are you all as crazy as me?

And lastly I have been enjoying the beautiful jasmine that is flowering outside our bedroom door. It has a heavenly smell and wafts about the bedroom all day and night. It is much stronger in the morning and I just love to wake up to it's fragrance.  

It has clusters of white flowers with shiny green leaves and provides much needed shade on the large glass doors that face the western sun. Wonder who wanted them and then realised they faced the west!!!!!! Oh well ! Problem solved with this lovely climber.

I made up 3 birthday parcels for my fellow Fat Quarter Swappers and one for my rainbow fat quarter swap partner this month but forgot to take pictures of any of them so I will just have to wait until they do a post on their blogs and provide a link. Not enough sleep last week!

It is back to work for me next week and I will be taking my new bag from our Black and White Bag Swap made for me by Barb! I shall be the envy of my colleagues.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Alphabet Challenge

When I read about this challenge I thought I would love to play along. So after a couple of starts here are my 5 items!


1.Four Fasteners...............I have included a couple of fancy paper-clips ( covered with pretty paper by me) some buttons, a couple of Velcro dots and a small jar of pins.

2.The next item is a Funny Fat of Fabric......................I have always thought the Cat in the Hat was funny, even a little strange and I certainly wouldn't eat Green Eggs with anything let alone ham!

3.Food with Fruit.........................now I don't usually classify lollies as food but I guess if you are stuck in the craft room for a period of time and can't get out to eat these will suffice as food!

4.Felt with Fantastic Form.........................After thinking for a while I came up with this little heart. I don't know about Fantastic form but I spent a good deal of time staring at the ceiling wondering what to make. I get my best inspiration leaning back in my chair and staring at the ceiling!! That and "Google" can usually provide inspiration.
Raiding my button jar I found an assortment of white/clear buttons for decoration. It has a little  ribbon attached at the top so it can hang somewhere and remind the swap recipient of our F Challenge.

5.Flower that's Fabulous from Fabric......................This one was easy as I used some of my fabulous Tilda fabric to make the flower on the top of a pin cushion. 

I must say I really enjoyed making these small items and being challenged to come up with items that matched the clues. So I guess I am ready to play along now.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Lets Exchange Black & White Bag

My swap partner Barb has made me this lovely bag for the Lets Exchange - Black and White bag swap. I feel so spoiled as it is a real beauty......................and not only that, there were black, red and white threads and ribbons, a wonderful perfumed soap and chocolate!

I feel really spoiled with so many items in the bag! There was even a great black and white card to go with all the goodies! No piccy of the chocolates but.........no I haven't eaten it! It is still in the fridge as it is quite warm up here in North Queensland and I needed to firm it up first! Might have it for dessert tonight, and I will probably have to share half with Mr B. He certainly loves his chocolate! Thanks Barb for being my swap partner and really spoiling me in my first swap!

 Here is what I made for Barb. It's a shame you can't see the beads in the middle of the flower. This has a broach pin on the back so you can take it off for washing or using on something else.

I spent the morning today visiting with family which is always entertaining to say the least and this afternoon I got stuck into a corner of the garden where it had become a little overgrown. Lucky you couldn't hear me as there are a few green ants in the shrubs and they bit me in the most unlikely places, like behind the knees and under the arm (you know the nice soft bits) and there were a few choice words coming from me as I tried to pick them off. I know they are only trying to protect themselves and their nests but I really needed to prune and move a couple of things.
I like to sit here and sew in the afternoon or early morning when it is cool, but because we have had a good wet season last year this corner needed some attention!

I had to scrub the chairs and table (although I think I needed to use a brush to get it all off)  and when I was  finished I thought it would be nice to take some photos of my swap goodies here.

I have also finished the Dresden Plates for my runner.......mind you I haven't done anything else yet, but my daughter did design the runner for me and she has four of them (whereas I was only going to have three) so I will have to cut out another 12 sections.

Mr B and I am off to the movies tomorrow to take the 3 grandchildren to see Hotel Transylvania so not much stitching will be getting done.