Saturday, 6 October 2012

Alphabet Challenge

When I read about this challenge I thought I would love to play along. So after a couple of starts here are my 5 items!


1.Four Fasteners...............I have included a couple of fancy paper-clips ( covered with pretty paper by me) some buttons, a couple of Velcro dots and a small jar of pins.

2.The next item is a Funny Fat of Fabric......................I have always thought the Cat in the Hat was funny, even a little strange and I certainly wouldn't eat Green Eggs with anything let alone ham!

3.Food with I don't usually classify lollies as food but I guess if you are stuck in the craft room for a period of time and can't get out to eat these will suffice as food!

4.Felt with Fantastic Form.........................After thinking for a while I came up with this little heart. I don't know about Fantastic form but I spent a good deal of time staring at the ceiling wondering what to make. I get my best inspiration leaning back in my chair and staring at the ceiling!! That and "Google" can usually provide inspiration.
Raiding my button jar I found an assortment of white/clear buttons for decoration. It has a little  ribbon attached at the top so it can hang somewhere and remind the swap recipient of our F Challenge.

5.Flower that's Fabulous from Fabric......................This one was easy as I used some of my fabulous Tilda fabric to make the flower on the top of a pin cushion. 

I must say I really enjoyed making these small items and being challenged to come up with items that matched the clues. So I guess I am ready to play along now.


  1. Bravo Heather what a great selection you have there,very impressed and love your funny FQ and how cute is that flower on the pin cushion,you did really well,it took me 2 goes as well,lol,i love how it is a brain teaser and you really do need to think.xx

  2. WOW... these "items" are PeRFecT !! You did a marvellous job Heather... even if you had to eat the other "food". lol!!!
    Thanks for accepting the challenge... :)

  3. beautiful F items. Love the little heart and flower you have made they look gorgeous.


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