Saturday, 27 October 2012

Friday Night Sew In.

I decided to get the binding completed on my reindeer quilt for Friday Night Sew In. I think I started this the year before last and have just never got around to finishing it. Of course I didn't have it ready to go! But I thought I had enough time before Better Homes and Gardens to get everything ready and start stitching.

 Cutting the binding strips.

 Joining the strips.

 Help with checking the final measurement. Just needing to check that I have made the binding long enough! Cat offered........couldn't really refuse could I? Do hope her maths is up to scratch!

Strips ironed and ready to go. Better Homes and Gardens not on yet so still have time.

Sewing on the binding................I can hear Better Homes and Garden starting........dam! Just need to trim!

Cat looking out window at dog!!!!!!! Lucky I was watching where I was cutting!
No cats were injured in the making of this quilt!

Ahh! Now to settle down and stitch my binding and watch Better Homes and Gardens on the telly.

 First cat number 1.........then cat number 2, thought it would be good to settle down and watch with me! Had soooo much trouble trying to move the quilt around because cats are heavy and very reluctant to move once settled on one's lap!

I only got about half way round and will finish it today sometime. Never mind.........I had a great time thinking about all the stitcher's around the world sewing with me. I love FNSI don't you?


  1. from what i could see a lovely xmas project,well done,and those cats are so funny,one nearly lost the tip of his tail.xx

  2. A very productive Friday night,well done :) Barb.

  3. Fabulous effort for Friday. And the cats provided such a lot of helpful hinderance, lol. Hope to see the finished quilt soon :)


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