Monday, 1 October 2012

Lets Exchange Black & White Bag

My swap partner Barb has made me this lovely bag for the Lets Exchange - Black and White bag swap. I feel so spoiled as it is a real beauty......................and not only that, there were black, red and white threads and ribbons, a wonderful perfumed soap and chocolate!

I feel really spoiled with so many items in the bag! There was even a great black and white card to go with all the goodies! No piccy of the chocolates I haven't eaten it! It is still in the fridge as it is quite warm up here in North Queensland and I needed to firm it up first! Might have it for dessert tonight, and I will probably have to share half with Mr B. He certainly loves his chocolate! Thanks Barb for being my swap partner and really spoiling me in my first swap!

 Here is what I made for Barb. It's a shame you can't see the beads in the middle of the flower. This has a broach pin on the back so you can take it off for washing or using on something else.

I spent the morning today visiting with family which is always entertaining to say the least and this afternoon I got stuck into a corner of the garden where it had become a little overgrown. Lucky you couldn't hear me as there are a few green ants in the shrubs and they bit me in the most unlikely places, like behind the knees and under the arm (you know the nice soft bits) and there were a few choice words coming from me as I tried to pick them off. I know they are only trying to protect themselves and their nests but I really needed to prune and move a couple of things.
I like to sit here and sew in the afternoon or early morning when it is cool, but because we have had a good wet season last year this corner needed some attention!

I had to scrub the chairs and table (although I think I needed to use a brush to get it all off)  and when I was  finished I thought it would be nice to take some photos of my swap goodies here.

I have also finished the Dresden Plates for my runner.......mind you I haven't done anything else yet, but my daughter did design the runner for me and she has four of them (whereas I was only going to have three) so I will have to cut out another 12 sections.

Mr B and I am off to the movies tomorrow to take the 3 grandchildren to see Hotel Transylvania so not much stitching will be getting done. 


  1. wow what wonderful bags sent and received,well done ladies.xx

  2. Both the bags are sensational!!! Don't you just LoVe being spoilt!!!
    Thanks for playing along with us! :)


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