Sunday, 11 November 2012

Ahh......Another Block Finished!

I have finished another block from my Cake Walk quilt. I think there are five more to go and then a few pieced blocks and I will be able to start putting it together.

I ended up re-tracing this block as the pen faded too much and I couldn't see the design. I don't think I pressed hard enough and with a bit of fading it had almost disappeared!

These blocks don't take long to do as there is not much stitching to be done on them. Love it when there isn't any satin stitch in the design.

I saw the original quilt at Virginia Quilter and loved it instantly. Not a very good piccy, but there aren't many around of this design, although there are other quilts called "Cake Walk" around.

I have sorted out my fat quarter swaps and birthday club gifts.....................always say I am going to be more organised!!!!..............but never seem to be!

Anyway, today I remembered to take a piccy of the swap goodies. Can't show you yet as it is a surprise, but they will be in the post tomorrow.

There is still an opportunity to enter the give-away here. The fabric bundles are ready and waiting to go to a couple of followers. Drawn out next Saturday. Good luck.


  1. Hi Heather! Love your blocks and the pattern you are making! I'm your newest follower, although I've been following you on my reader for some time. I've just tagged you for a game of blog-tag! I'll be posting details tonight and I'd love it if you would come and play along! It's a great way to get to know one another and other bloggers too! Hope you will join in the fun!

  2. Oh I have my fingers crossed well and truly! Lovely work on the quilt blocks. It will be sensational when completed!! :)

  3. lovely block Heather,well done.xx

  4. Hi Heather, just wanted to say 'hi'. I found you via Shez's blog. You have done some lovely work.. I love the blocks above.


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