Saturday, 3 November 2012

Friday Night with Friends

Friday Night with Friends saw me finishing the Red Brolly Christmas Hanger. I love it and despite thinking that it might be fiddly to sew it was surprisingly easy and came together quickly. And........I sewed it together at night !!! I always try to do some craft after work in the evenings, but sometimes I am soooo tired I make a mess of it and have to spend time unpicking or even re-cutting a piece! And lots of choice words!!! LOL!

Just trying to show you the sides here. It's quite roomy and I will be able to fill it with plenty of goodies.
I made the hanging ribbon a little longer than the pattern stated so that I could tie a decent bow of sorts.
Might get another couple done before Christmas.

I also tried to do some stitching on one of the blocks for "Cake Walk" but the green pencil is fading and combined with night light I had to give up. I will need to get out the light box to retrace it again. NOT HAPPY! Won't be using that pen for tracing a stitchery or need to make sure I press harder next time!

Coming home from work on Friday afternoon I found a surprise in the mailbox. The postman had left my gift from Cheryll for participation in the "F" Challenge.

No thanks necessary Cheryll. I was having the time of my life trying to think of things for the swap! But........thanks all the same. They are lovely FQ's and I will have to make something out of them soon. Also loved what they were wrapped in............pattern paper. Maybe I can steal this idea for some of my things as I have a lot of patterns ( most with pieces missing as I am not too good at returning them back to the original packet) and can put them to use! Thanks for nifty idea Cheryll.

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  1. Love your goodie bag. I made one years ago & have been going to make more. :) Hugs,

  2. LoVe your goodies bag... the jolly man is a real cutie! Oooh I think they will be a hit in December! :)

  3. love your bag Heather it looks fantastic i have always been meaning to make one,you have inspired me to get it out,well done.xx

  4. Gorgeous project
    It will be wonderful full of goodies.

  5. Congrats on a successful night. I loooooove your goodie bag it is fabulous.

    I also love your fabric from Cheryll, can't wait to see what you make with the fabric.

    I am now going on a pattern hunt.

  6. Hello Heather,

    Oh your Red Brolly Christmas Hanger came out beautifully.

    Happy days.

  7. Hi Heather, Just popped over form Cheryll's Friday night with Friends..
    I love the Red Brolly Stitchery on your hanger..

  8. The Red Brolly stitchery hanger is lovely. Beautiful stitchery. Hugs.....

  9. Your Red Brolly hanger is really lovely Heather, well done...
    Your stitching is so neat & I love the colours.
    visiting via FNFW

  10. WOW! gorgeous stitching, so cute ;-)
    thanks for visiting me on FNwF

  11. Love the Bronwyn Hayes stitchery,must hunt mine out and get it rady to trace.A very productive Friday Heather :) Barb.

  12. Oh the Hanger is gorgeous, lots of room for lots of pressies and well done for managing to successfully use machinery on a Friday night (as you saw I was not brave enough) :) Lovely fq from Cheryll!


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