Thursday, 8 November 2012

Mid-Week Break

I had yesterday off and had a lovely day mucking around in the craft room. Off course I really wasn't prepared and was thinking about finishing the runner................but..................I decided to try something new.
Some time ago I purchased a purse frame from Spotlight and thought about making this up. Now after a lengthy internet search it appears you have to draft your own pattern according to the size and shape of the handle!!! Isn't that just peachy!! Now I don't know about the rest of you smart people out there but sometimes there is just not enough views of something and I NEED MORE.
Anyway thought I would try..........A try is better than no attempt at all!

Here's cat testing if the fusible fleece is the proper stuff. Yep! It's iron on! Go ahead.

 Quality checked and approval granted for commencement. Of course cat will sit right in the middle of everything!

The first effort turned out a little puffy on the sides where the frame ends. I must have played with the idea of unpicking for about 2 hours. I tried to talk my self into accepting that it would not be perfect and as the first try it would do!

I took myself off with some stitching and watched a movie, Snow White and the Huntsman.......Yum!!!!... Chris Hemsworth.........nice bit of eye candy there! LOL, but eventually it got the better of me and back to the craft room I went.
I unpicked the whole thing from the frame and undid the seam at the bottom so I could turn it back inside out and look at the seam.........Guess what! I forgot to trim the seam and snip into the corner!!!!! D'oh !!! What a Goose.
Long story short.....seam clipped and snipped and sitting perfectly!!! Easier to sew in and now I have a cute change purse. It matches the bag made for me by Barb!

Inside of bag. Some of the stitches show because I used the white spot material as the lining and black cotton to attach to the frame. I tried to keep the stitches under the frame........just pretend they are skinny black dots!

Looking forward to making some more of these as Christmas gifts for the girls.


  1. wow Heather you did a fantastic job,well done you are very clever,i love it.xx

  2. Love the purse,good on you for persisting :) Barb.

  3. I Heather, great!
    Connecting from Gratitude Friday:) I love your blog! Lizzie x

  4. i came from sew well maide and am following you now


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