Saturday, 1 December 2012

Secret Stitching

I am now finished all the secret projects that I have signed up for. I guess there are plenty out there but because I work full time I don't want to commit and not be able to deliver!

I hate only giving snippets of things, but I don't want to give the game away just yet. This has gone to my elfster swap partner in Singapore.

All of my gifts to go into the stocking are ready and away in the post to Nadine in the USA. Thanks APP for hosting the 2012 Stocking Swap.  I will be eagerly stalking the post man for my stocking and goodies. 

Had a lovely day off work yesterday and spent it shopping with my daughter. Most of the Christmas Shopping is now done! It was a lovely day out together and when we came home we decided to make some  small gifts for the girls and guys at her work.

We made bags of Reindeer Poop!!! Not really.......just bags of chocolate covered nuts and sultanas. But they sure look good and will provide some fun.

Here is what the back says......................."Santa checked his list not once but twice, and found you've been naughty and not very nice. Since coal is expensive, here's the scoop, he's filling your stocking with reindeer poop!"

On other matters here is the lovely fat quarters I received in the mail from Narelle. Check out her blog here to see how many fancy scarves she has been knitting. They are just beautiful.

Narelle chose a lovely FQ set of brown and pink with a range of other goodies to use as accessories. I am one lucky gal!
Here is what I sent Narelle for this month and she has let me know she enjoyed the coffee and chocolate very much!

There were also the birthday girls and this is what I sent to Carol and Narelle. Don't ask me which one I sent to whom as I can't remember!!!LOL Remembered to take a photo this time!

Because it was also Narelle's birthday and she was my FQ Swap Partner I put in a little something extra. Looking at her blog I saw she liked owls so I made her an owl pin/needle holder. His/her wings open out to store needles and pins. I hope she like it.

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  1. lovely birthday gifts Heather,i do the reindeer poop for my grandies as well,they think it is so funny.xx


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