Saturday, 29 December 2012

2012 Christmas Stocking Swap

The postie was a little late with the delivery....but he made it all the same! Yesterday when I got home from work there was a parcel waiting for me and I knew exactly what it was!
My poor swap partner Nadine, was quite worried about the delivery, but part one has made it safe and sound.
So......rather than waiting for the rest to arrive I decided to open and do a post to ease her anxiety.

It was wonderful to find this absolutely beautiful stocking in my parcel. The photos don't do the traditional Christmas colours justice! It is just glorious and don't talk about the decorative ornie on the top of the stocking, just too beautiful to describe so you will have to admire it in silence!!
 Here is a close up..............believe me it's better in real life! Can you say that about an item?? Did I say silence??? Can't stop talking as I am blown away with these items.LOL.

Also included in the parcel was a pot holder and small velcro bag - called a shoop-shoop bag. Nadine included a lovely note telling me about the items included in the parcel. Her friend named the bag shoop-shoop as this is the sound it makes when you open it. Of course I had to try it a couple of times to test out the theory! Yep...sounds right.....theory works!
There was also included some lovely sparkly ric-rac. Have plans for this for next years Christmas sewing.

Close up of the bag with the pull tabs that help make the sound.

Christmas pot holder.

And to top it all off these gifts were wrapped in Christmas fat quarters and tied up with ribbon..........what a spoiled thing I am. I only wrapped mine to Nadine with paper!

Thanks so very much  Nadine I am soooo spoiled and this was definitely worth waiting for. I am so excited about the next parcel I shall be out at the mail box every day now. 
I forgot to take a piccy of the chocolate got a bit soft in the Queensland heat and is now residing in the fridge........won't last you know as I shall get it out for morning tea..........chocolate is not allowed (my rules) before breakfast! I might have to sneak a piece when making my mango smoothy.


  1. I'm so relieved at least Part 1 showed up! Let's hope Part 2 is close behind!

  2. heather what a beautiful parcel you have received ,i love it all,lucky you,what a wonderful parcel to receive.xx


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