Thursday, 13 December 2012

Day Four - One week of Christmas

Day Four .................. So, lets see some Santas.

Woodlands Santa with deer.

Tassel Santa

Small Santas

Large..."Oh I have a lovely beard", Santa. He just wanted his beard in the photo and I couldn't persuade him otherwise.

Aloof Santa......has someone been naughty?? SHOW ME THE LIST!

Small hanging Santa.

Tin Santa with sign...Yeh! he needs a sign!

Bear Santa -  I think he has been up to mischief.....never trust a bear with a smile!

Another collection......disregard the penguins. They insisted on being in this group! Next thing you know there will be Christmas whales!!

A trio of Santas.

Hope you enjoyed my Santas..........Do you think I like them? Believe me I have more but don't usually put them all out and they take turns every year being on display and I probably have another 10 or 12 patterns to make! LOL!

See you tomorrow.


  1. Love your collection...aloof santa gets my vote the expression on his face..

  2. gorgeous heather and my favourite is the trio of santas in the last pic,thankyou for sharing.xx

  3. I really enjoyed your post and one can never have too many Santas.


  4. What a fantastic collection of Santas...ohhh love them! I am very partial to the trio at the end. Loved your post. You do have to watch those Christmas Penguins I hear they are very pushy. LOL!

  5. You are a girl after my own heart Heather... LoVe ALL the Santas!!!

    NeVeR too many... Merry Christmas :)

  6. Love your gorgeous Santa collection Heather


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