Monday, 10 December 2012

Day One of One Week of Christmas

Thanks to Cheryll for organising One week of Christmas with this lovely virtual tour.

I wanted to start with decorations in the office as I do spend a big portion of my time there. We decided to do something different this year and collected Fox Tail palm seed bracts (don't know what you call them), paint them silver and hang them from the ceiling. I supplied and painted the seed bracts.

This is the Christmas tree in my office, someone found this branch outside so I pinched it!
I was too lazy to spray paint it silver. Had enough of the stuff on my hands as it was.

Table decorations.

The admin staff tree.

Some tinsel angels.

Individual decorations.

As you can see we predominately had only red and gold baubles! Other staff who also work in the building loved the palm branches.

See you on day 2.


  1. I LOVE those branches hanging from the ceiling...they look fabulous! SO pleased you invited me to your office... Merry Christmas :)

  2. Wow those palm frondy things look fabulous (guess I don't know what to call them either, lol), what a great festive looking work place :) And I love that 'tree' you snagged for yourself!

  3. Heather they look fantastic hanging from the ceiling,very festive.xx

  4. Wow, that is clever!! One of my cousins had one of those bracts as her wedding bouquet, but it was fresh picked with the flowers on it. Yeah, I have a weird cousin, but it was interesting!


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