Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Day Three - One Week of Christmas

Today brings us to day 3..........I am really enjoying the tours of everyone's Christmas decorating. It fills my heart with...................

A bowl of Christmas pears. I picked them from the pear tree and the partridge is not happy!!

Christmas baking.......these are date and nut loaf and I will decorate the tins and give them away (with the cake in it of course) as gifts. I use the wafer stick tins that abound at this time of year. Of course you have to eat the wafers. LOL

More gifts.....who doesn't love a boiled fruit cake.

See you tomorrow for day 4.


  1. Ooooh I can smell the delicious cooking from here...yum! Love your pears and the JOY sign is wonderful! So pleased you invited me over today! :)

  2. Your JOY is beautiful and I wouldn't be happy either if I was the partridge, letting go of all those lovely pears. My mouth is watering looking at your to have some breakfast.

  3. love that Joy Heather and cant beat home baking.xx

  4. Love your JOY decoration. It's beautiful. The baking looks so yummy. Hugs,


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