Monday, 30 December 2013

Something for Me.

My new diary for 2014 is now complete and ready for use. I decided to use the fabric given to me in our stitching girls Christmas swap. Thanks for the beautiful fabric Jenny. How lovely it will be to look at on a daily basis. 
This is where I write my personal appointments, what I will be planning to cook on the weekdays and those little reminders for the jobs I need to complete during the week. 

I usually sit down with my diary on Sunday night, flip through a few recipe books, write a grocery list and plan which days we are having what. I love being organised and knowing what to cook when I come home from work.

I made a pen holder and used one of Jennys designs  for something stitched on the front. I even changed the ribbon page marker for a matching one. The original was blue . . . . can't have that ! You can even catch a glimpse of the original green cover. Really enjoyed making this as the stitchery and cover didn't really take too long to make. 
I have a larger work diary as well . . . . . Maybe I'll make a cover for that too !

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Time to Relax!

We actually had two Christmas Days this year. As half of the family were going to be away over the Christmas holiday period,  we had one on the Saturday before. Trying to decide what to cook so that we didn't double up was a bit of a challenge but we managed to get it right.

 One was outside on the patio, noisy with presents, food and games.

and one was quieter with talking, food and movie watching. We sure did miss those kids !

But with formalities now over and as I read other blogs I notice that we all seem to cook way too much ! There is a bright side though,  there's not much to do now except relax for the next few days! Anyone who is hungry is promptly directed to the fridge. LOL !
How I enjoy this time following Christmas..... no work and no cooking . . . . . this leaves plenty of me time.

I have decided to get a new diary this year instead of buying refills and as it has a vinyl cover (in green) I wanted to make something nice to cover it. Something pretty with a stitchery on the front.
Did one stitchery but didn't pick the fabric first and now I can't find anything suitable to use so I have started a new one. This time I picked the fabric first !

Number 2 using Cottage Garden variegated threads. Like this one much better.

It's off for a drive to Ingham soon, visiting old friends and places. Seems to be the time of year for reminiscing !

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

The Secret is Out !

Sometimes it's hard keeping what you are doing secret. Especially when you know your friends are stalking your blog looking for hints and tips. Well thank goodness the secret part is over and I can show what I have been up to. Making some things for my wonderful friend and swap partner Michelle.

The Elefantz Stitching girls of Jenny, Wendy, Michelle (no blog) and I had our Christmas break-up on Monday and it was time to exchange gifts. 
P.S. Pinched this piccy from Jenny's blog and did a bit of playing with it !

There was excitement in the air when we all started to cover the table with lovely wrapped gifts and bags.

I made Michelle a covered folder using Michelle's Alphabet pattern . This was for the craft room and inside the folder I had a fat quarter pack and some pins and sewing needles.

I also made her a  bag to carry her latest stitchery project, a small zippered pouch and a matching thread catcher. A Gail Pan design was just perfect for the cover and I loved stitching the design with a Cottage Garden variegated thread. It sure is easy when you don't have to think about what colour comes next.

I added a fragrant candle, and I think the box is super cute and could easily have it in my craft room. Wish I could have kept this one! I might pinch it back when she's not looking ! LOL !

Needless to say there was lots of laughter, fun and food with some stitching thrown in for good measure. I will do another post soon with the goodies I was showered with.
See you all soon.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Stitching Day with Friends

I had a lovely day with the girls yesterday, stitching, eating, drinking (coffee, tea and water only) and talking.
It is so wonderful to get together and just relax and stitch while trying to solve the problems of the world.

We spent the day at Michelle's place and as usual she kept us well fed and watered with Eccles cakes for morning tea. I have seen this recipe lots of times and they always look delicious and this time I got to taste and they are everything the pictures promise. 

Who could stop at one !

Wraps for healthy, and to finish off it was custard tart with bananas and cream ! Yum O !

No tea for me tonight........yeah right.....I'm always hungry !

Wendy, Michelle, Blossom, Jenny, Barb and I all had an enjoyable time stitching together. And just to show that it wasn't all laughter and food here is what we were working on.
P.S. I got these photos from Jenny's blog.

With Jenny working on this winter fellow.

And for me,  I started Rosalie Quinlan's Best Friends Forever BOM which I think sums up this little group.

Lots of lovely things being stitched !

Sunday, 24 November 2013

A Little reindeer

I have finished my latest project and although I had a few trials with getting just the right finishing touch for the top I can say I am pleased with the finished result. I did need some advice from a DD and Michelle for just the right look.
That was after I threw the ribbon bow across the room when I couldn't get both sides even ! LOL ! I think it amused them both ! Nothing like chucking a tanti to get it right.

I love his little boots . . . . . don't you ? I used colonial knots to make it look nice and warm around the top.

Here in humidity capital I have to stitch everything on as if you glue things they only let go after 12 months or  sometimes less.

And just to get me in the mood (as if I need this) I have plugged in my little Christmas tree.

Off now to watch the football replay with hubby, as there was no way I was going to get up at 1am this morning to watch it live !
I don't mind when I know the score.
Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Friday Night Sew In.

Spent a lazy day yesterday, too lazy to do a post or to pick up any stitching. In fact I moaned about it throughout the day. It's very hot and sticky here and we are waiting for some storms to alleviate the heat problem, but add to the humidity.

Anyway I did stitch on Friday night and I completed a new little project I have been working on.  

Don't know how I am going to finish him, in a ribbon entwined hoop, or on a table centre or what, but at least the stitching part is done.

There are a few secret projects going on at the moment, but of course I can't show you, so I will show you around the garden instead !

And this last one is for Michelle as I know she likes trees and bark as well! This is a Northern Territory Weeping Tea-Tree. We have one in our yard, but this is at Wendy's place.

Thanks Wendy for hosting and I hope everyone had a great night.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Tuesday's Treasure

Time to play Tuesday's Treasure with Melody from The House on the Side of the Hill blog.

Growing up on a farm we were always surrounded by animals. Now, as it was a cane farm and not another type, what I am talking about is cats and dogs. Lots of cats and a good number of dogs. It seems that whenever there were kittens or puppies born us kids quickly got in and staked a claim on a new pet !
I remember at one stage there were 23 cats . . . . . yes that's right . . . . 23 . . . . and a more modest number of dogs . . . . just 9 !
Everywhere one looked it seemed a cat was lounging about, but the dogs were less visable following my father out into the fields for most of the day. Must have cost my parents a fortune to feed them all, but I can say that cane fields are full of mice and other things and I am sure they supplimented their diets from time to time ! I know it's not the norm now, but it was then and cats and dogs came and went as they liked !
I guess we had tolerant parents as I was known for bringing just about anything home if I felt it needed a new home or didn't have one. I saved numerous cats and birds and either nursed them back to health or showed the correct amount of sorrow when they died. I would round up my little sisters and have a proper funeral. Yes I do think I had very tolerant parents indeed ! 

These days I only have two cats and one dog and hubby keeps a few chooks.

Where would we be without our lovely pets. Thanks again to Melody for hosting and thanks for visiting and there's not a stitch in sight!

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Playing with Felt

Would you believe that I am making some ornies for Christmas ! Yes, I can't seem to leave Christmas stuff alone.
I have finally completed a few of the projects I started on that Friday night a few weeks ago.

A couple of Penguins - all decked out for a chilly Christmas - don't know what they are doing in sunny North Queensland !

and a pair of reindeers looking for Santa to pull his sleigh..........

All frolicking together.

Hope the green ants don't bite them !

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Not very far from Home.

I  had the usual mundane working week last week, but with one really delightful day having breakfast and coffee with DD and a friend at Harvey's Range Heritage Tea House. Nothing like breaking up the working week with Wednesday off ! After a frustrating drive through numerous road works, that seemed to last forever, and lots of mud and dirt we eventually arrived.

So peaceful and cool up in the mountains (about 30 minutes from home),  it was quite lovely sitting back and relaxing and enjoying the morning. Next time we are thinking of taking our stitching as it is quite inspiring. Might wait for the road works to finish though, which is scheduled for early 2014 !

I have been working on an adorable little lady bird for my Beauty quilt by  Jennifer of Elefantz. I did forget which circles were solid and which ones were not and started to stitch them all ! She is such a cutie !

Hope everyone has an enjoyable week-end with lots of sewing and stitching. DD and I, Michelle and Jenny are off to Wendy's to do lots of stitching on Monday ! LOL !