Saturday, 19 January 2013

Amazing Fat Quarter Swap for January

 The theme for this months fat quarter swap was " Words and/or Numbers", so of course I had to go shopping and this is what I found. I really thought I would have a hard time finding fabric with words on it! Boy! was I I went into Spotlight I told myself to buy two fat quarters and only two, as I have a good sized stash and don't need any more at the moment!!!! Yeah! Right! Who could believe that!
Well, I found an assortment and came away with at least 4 or 5 different pieces with words. Not too much numbers around, but words abounded!

I stalked Vanessa's blog looking for what she might like and I thought this would be a great choice. I liked it sooo much that I brought 1/2 a metre so I could have some as well.

These are the two I choose for Vanessa. Now....look at what she sent me!!! I was so confused when I opened the parcel that I thought that I must have forgot to put a stamp on and my own had returned....LOL.......I was about to check myself into a Aged Care Facility as I had obviously lost the plot!! After the initial confusion sanity returned and  I realised she had sent me the very same fabric that I had sent uncanny is that! At lease she knows I love it! Of course there is some nice ribbon and a lovely decal sheet for my card making. I still chuckle when I look at the fabric. 
Can't wait to see what she makes from hers!

It's my sons birthday tomorrow and I realised I hadn't made his card yet so I got to work today and completed one. I found a picture from the free images on the web that would appeal to a man and here it is finished.

Not too fancy, just a photo on a mat and a tag on the corner. I actually love the dogs and while I wouldn't like to go hunting myself he will think it is great.  Thought I would show you last years card as well. 


  1. I can't wait to see what you both make because I bought that fabric at Spotlight as well.

  2. thats funny and i also bought some of that fabric as well.xx

  3. I don't think that has happened before in our Swap Group ;) Oooh, can't wait to see what you make ;-)

  4. That's uncanny. At least you know you both got fabric you liked. Hugs....

  5. I love that fabric, have a couple of fq here too :) Those decals are lovely. Great job with the cards, boys ones are so tough :)


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