Sunday, 20 January 2013

At Last!

I have completed the last stitchery block for my "Cake Walk" quilt and now I will start making up the other blocks. I can't wait to complete this one as I have been wanting to make a quilt using vintage type fabrics for a while now. I think this has been my favourite block......not because it is the last but I like this basket of flowers the most.

And while I am not officially playing (due to working full-time and not having the time?) the Stitch A Long hosted by Chookyblue but I have decided to stitch along anyway. Not being official means there is no pressure to perform. I had to wait for the books to arrive and of course the one I needed first was the one to arrive last!
So, here is my first project and I have sensibly made one thread catcher for me and one for the Birthday-Love Stash box. That way I will stop wanting things in the birthday box!


  1. No wonder you like this block... it's gorgeous!
    And your thread catchers are very CuTe! :)

  2. lovely work Heather,well done.xx

  3. Ooh another faux stitch-alonger, somehow I suddenly feel less alone, lol. Look forward to seeing your proper projects made as you can :) Aren't you clever making one for yourself as well :) It is cute, I think I would covet it, lol.

  4. Hello I'm just visiting via Heidi's blog and just have to say how delightful your stitchery block is. I'm a fellow Queenslander too and I hope you're not being flooded out where you live.


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