Thursday, 7 February 2013

Lazy girl checkin' in!

I have had the most lazy week!  I finished the stitchery for True Friends Tote bag from the Red Home book by Natalie Bird and desperately wanted to put it together, but I had to wait for the fabric to arrive.
The thing is, I am sure it was stuck in the post due to the Brisbane floods and I really didn't want to complain about something so trivial as that! I still haven't done anything with the hearts because I decided to wait for the fabric.

I also did the stitching for the pin cushion and have the other side traced. I started stitching the little words with 2 strands of thread and wondered why I was having difficulty fitting all the words in!!! Doh!.....I remembered to check the instructions (you know....all the printed stuff that comes with the pattern) and had to unpick and redo them.......much better! LOL!

I think I should name this post "The Stupid week"! 
I also completed my Valentine Initial Swap and when I had nearly completed the stitching I pricked my finger not once but twice and got blood on the white fabric. I was mad at myself and had two options............give it a good wash or make another. Yeah right.......make another ha! ha! I'll just wash it. Bad decision! I now have my own needle pocket.................of course I had to make another one! Look what happened!

I used Cottage Garden Threads and the colours ran in the gentle hand wash! I have a whole quilt done with these threads........hope I never need to wash it!

I must have looked at it for half an hour trying to decide if it was good enough to send on, but you know the quilters pledge......don't send anything you would't be happy to receive.  

Stupid came out again and I forgot to take a photo before sending number 2 needle pocket off!
Anyway is the inside and back.

There were other things included and maybe I will be able to get a photo from the recipient's blog later on.
I think the second one is nicer anyway!!

The fabric for the bag also arrived this week so no more complaining that I CAN'T do anything until the fabric arrives!

Also in the post came some very nice tea-towels for me to stitch a design on. Some lovely ideas and free designs can be found at Bird Brain Designs. This is a link to their blog and they have a shop as well.

No more legitimate reasons to moan! LOL!


  1. oh noo you havent had a good week,i hope it gets better from now on Heather.xx

  2. Ohhhh dear....NoT Good and NoT HaPPy Jan (oopps Heather)... but I'm sure the owner will LoVe her it was worth re-doing it! Hope you have a great week now all that "bad" stuff is over! :)

  3. Glad you had time to make another one. Hope you have a good end to the week. Hugs.....

  4. Oh my... I hope this means that you are due for a wonderful week coming up! Pretty projects - watch that pokey needle.


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