Saturday, 16 February 2013

Valentine Initial Swap

I received this lovely parcel in the mail on the 13th of February. What great timing to get it the day before Valentine's Day. Thanks Cheryll for hosting this swap.
Lots of goodies in the bag and very thoughtful regarding the heat up here in North Queensland, sending chocolate drinks instead of the melty stuff! Thanks Anthea  from Hibiscus Stitches for being my swap partner you have really spoiled me. There are a couple of packets of coffee missing as DD and I had a lovely cup yesterday when we returned from our day of retail therapy!

Such a beautiful heart to hang in my craft room! I am going to take the mug mat (chocolates look good enough to eat) to work and use with my new cup and saucer I brought yesterday while out shopping.

It is a bigger than normal cup and it has a veritable garden of flowers around it......just beautiful and it will be sure to brighten my work day.

Now I haven't done much stitching lately but instead had been cutting and not the computer kind.....but the journal kind. Mr B often watches me cutting out bits of stuff for hours in front of the telly and then watches me muck around trying to get it back into a pleasing arrangement and says he will never understand why we do this! Mind you he does support me whole heartedly and always offers financial assistance if I hum and ha around too much in the scrap-booking shops. Maybe he's hoping to get out quickly this time???

Still haven't completed the whole journal yet and this one is really more of a diary rather than the usual ones I make. I used Graphic 45 papers and stamps and a tutorial to make the album from cardboard. I do have trouble with the humidity here with using double sided tape so am using the red super strong tape and glueing everything down and I hope this will improve the outcome.

Front Cover

Inside cover and page one.

Pages 2 & 3

Pages 4 & 5

Pages 6 & 7

Pages 8 & 9

10 & 11

...........and page 12, which is not stuck down yet. Don't know about page 13 yet either. Might have to cut out some more flowers or pictures.

 Will do a little more this weekend and some more stitching on my "Snow Happens" table runner. Hope everyone has a great weekend and has lots of time for craft.


  1. Oh Heather, your diary is absolutely beautiful. You must be so pleased with how it is coming along. Lovely gifts in your heart swap. Hugs Noela.

  2. lucky you! what a yummy swap! ^^
    and you diary is so so beautiful
    hugs from Argentina!

  3. Lovely "valentines day" swap gifts! And your journal is gorgeous Heather!!! It is something special! Well done :)

  4. what a beautiful swap parcel from Anthea Heather,lots of lovely thought has gone into this swap gift and boy your journal is gorgeous,well done.xx

  5. Lovely stitching and wonderful journal...


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