Wednesday, 6 March 2013

A Great Find!

I mentioned to my husband that I wanted an old gate to use as a photo prop when I take pictures of the things I make.
He is often out and about in the demolition yards and I thought he might find something for me one day.
I gave him a vague idea of what type of gate I was looking for and a couple of days later he told me he had found something.

It was an old gate from a house that was being demolished and when he inquired they told him to take it before the bulldozers came and it was destroyed forever!

Here is that gate. I just love it and it is just what I was looking for. It belongs to another era and is hand made.

Nothing is symmetrical on this gate as it has little differences on both sides.
Mr B is taking it to be sand blasted and then we will do something with it to restore it. I will then need to give it a permanent location somewhere and a post and maybe some flowers around it. I hope it knows it's loved.

Thank you Mr're my can I get him to find next. Do I need any other props? LOL!


  1. Great that your hubby found just what you were looking for
    I like those gates

  2. that gate is gorgeous,well done Mr B,he is a keeper Heather,cant wait to see you use it as a prop.xx

  3. What a great find Heather! Just gorgeous, can't wait to see it supporting you lovely finished projects... x


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