Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Doctor's Orders

Very little going on here! Having had a painful knee for the last 3 weeks I have finally succumbed to the need for hot packs and rest and keeping off my feet. Have an appointment for an MRI on Friday 5th April, and I can't wait to see what is going on in my knee.
The above were doctor's orders but it took a couple of days of getting worse before I took heed! Having spent the weekend, yesterday and today sitting in the lounge with my wheat bag and all of the "Anne of Green Gables"  DVD's has brought about some relief, so much so that I have done a little stitching today.

I didn't get the quilt finished for my grandson number 2, but when I showed him what I had completed so far he loved it and is happy to wait until his Nonna is better. I even have an order for one from grandson number 1 who is nine in October. This should be enough time for recovery, finishing one and starting another!

My daughter in law usually makes a special cake when the kids have a birthday and the request from Aidan this year was for a....................wait for it..............................A Dung Beetle! LOL. I think he is the next David Attenborough as he just loves nature. He did ask me to make him a hyena book mark last year!

I just couldn't resist a photo. He even wanted the balls of dung! and his mother was going to put on some Maltesers  as the dung, but alas, dad ate them all before they got to the cake! I didn't realise Dung Beetles were so tasty! LOL!

I have dug out some UFO's to finish stitching while resting my knee and have finished this one. I had to unpick a couple of completed sections as I hated the colours I had used.

I am making this into a small wall hanging. I have to hunt out some fabric now from the scrap bin. This is a stitchery panel from a Bronwyn Hayes quilt that I completed a few years ago. Can't remember the name of it at the moment! Here it is below! I think I need to take a better piccy of it. You will notice that the peacock is done in blue and red, but for this one I wanted to use up some left-over Cottage Garden threads.

I have also finished some small cards to pop in when I'm doing birthday or fat-quarter swaps. I got the idea from one of the swappers who sent me a lovely little card with my fat-quarters.

They were easy to do and I used left over card stock, a sheet of stickers and a stamp.


  1. Oh you poor thing. I am sure "Anne" girl cheered you a little. Still lots going on at your place. Your quilt is beautiful. I am laughing out loud about the cake...bless him. Love it!

  2. Hope your knee is feeling better ....

  3. Hope your knee is feeling much better and I love (and laughed) about the request for a dung beetle birthday cake complete with dung LOL. I also like the idea of making up little cards to put in with your swaps,very pretty :) Barb.

  4. Heather i hope your knee gets better quickly for you and that is so funny a dung beetle birthday cake and i also love the idea of the little cards.xx

  5. What a beat about your knee Heather - it's always a good idea to heed the Doc!!
    Ah, I love the dung beetle too - I wonder if Aidan saw the hilarious scene on the Africa/Attenborough series last week of the beetle clinging to its dung as it rolled down a dune several times & struggled to get back up... x

  6. Oh, that would be a 'beast' about your knee, not a 'beat'...


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