Friday, 1 March 2013

Fun Things on Friday

Tonight I'm linking up with a couple of different blogs and playing along.

The first one is  Favourite Things with Shay from Quilting in my Pyjamas and it's about one of my favourite things.

I would have to say being in the garden is a favourite thing of mine. It offers peace and tranquillity when my mind is full of turmoil and calms my soul and offers peace and sometimes a solution I couldn't see before. 

It is just amazing what small things you can see when you look up into the tree canopy. Small and large creatures going about their business with apparently no thoughts of tomorrow!

A place for the grand-kids to play and trees to have adventures in.

Somewhere beautiful to showcase the latest craft project.

And a place to sit and sew and admire nature's colours and provide inspiration for our next project. 

Cyclone Yasi blew this tree down, but there is a new one growing in its place. This one was about 15 years old when it went over! Bloody Yasi!!

Sometimes it is just nice to sit and smell the roses jasmine!

I think everyone needs to spend some time in the garden, either your own or at the local park, you'll come away relaxed and ready for the next battle...great or small.

I am joining Karen from Sew Many Ways with her Find a Friend Friday.

The more friends the better I say go on over and join in too and have some fun and make a new friend or two and see what others are up to.

And finally there is Friday Night with Friends. This will see me finishing my "Snow Happens" table runner stitchery while I sit and watch Better Homes and Gardens with all my friends around the world........just fantastic!  I have coffee but no chocolate biscuits. LOL!  Too hot here and they melt before you get to eat them and get chocolate all over your much stitching is going to get done then?

Thanks Cheryll from Gone Stitchin' for hosting.

See you tomorrow with a report on what I have done tonight.


  1. The garden is a very soothing place isn't it Heather??...and provides lots of inspiration! Love yours, and yes, Yasi was nasty here too...blew down my first time ever fruit bearing avocado and the best pawpaw tree Ive ever had! Twisted the mango and the macadamia branches too.....not happy Jan!!!
    xox sugary hugs

  2. You have a lovely looking garden Heather. No wonder you enjoy spending time in it. Im a huge fan of Jasmine and your specimen looks ultra healthy. Is the purple and yellow plant crocus? (Can you tell I'm not a gardener?)

    I agree with you that a well thought out garden is one of the most relaxing places to spend time and just let nature wash over you. And one of these days Im going to have a garden I can be proud of I swear!

  3. Your garden is beautiful and I agree a wonderful favourite. I hope your lovely garden is recovering well after our friend Yasi.

  4. Oh thanks for the stroll. I have a gorgeous patch of green/yellow lawn, not real inspiring, curse of renting. So I enjoyed your natural wonderland :) Stunning pincushion/cushion :)


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