Sunday, 21 April 2013

While I was Waiting!

Yesterday while I was waiting for my groceries to arrive from Woolworths I decided to whip up another goody for my Birthday Love Stash hosted by Wendy.

Now I don't usually like too much brown but while out shopping on Friday I found some in a craft shop and put together several pieces and made this bag. This was very easy to make and I whipped it up in a couple of hours. Woolworths were late yesterday!

Inside has 3 pockets for keys and phone. DIL loves earthy tones and I am very happy to have this ready for her birthday.

While I was walking out to take a photo of the bag I noticed tiny purple and white flowers among the lawn grass! I do believe they are weeds or at least native things but they were so lovely with busy bees (the bees are bigger than the flowers) cruising through them I couldn't resist taking a photo and sharing with you.

Those brown leaves are gum leaves!

They are so cute and tiny! 

Friday, 19 April 2013

Quilt Finish

I have at last completed the quilt for Aidan's birthday. The darling little fellow was quite happy to wait for it to be completed and didn't nag too much! LOL!

I did a lot of in -the-ditch quilting and some stippling so that I could get it to him as soon as possible. He loves it and the older grandie has put his order in. Thank goodness his birthday is at the end of the year. Now to find some Star Wars fabric!

Monday, 15 April 2013

New Christmas Album Complete.

I have at last completed the Christmas Album from Natalie Bird's book Tis the Season. I just love it and I have used a lovely range of paper from My Minds Eye called Lost & Found Christmas. It is such a lovely range with so much  glitter there was very little embellishing to be done, or so I believe at this stage anyway!

Front Cover, now with ribbons and jump rings.

I have used a few sample photos to show the pages, so you will see them repeated often. As I am going to put this aside until the end of the year and use it for Christmas 2013 I don't have any photos to put into it yet but wanted to show what it may look like with pics included.

Pages with pics and maybe a journal card here and there.

Glad this is finished for now. I still have to mat the photos and make some journal cards when ready to use for Christmas 2013.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Tuesday's Treasures with Melody

Thanks to Melody for hosting Tuesday's treasures. I love having folders, journals and pads around and each and everyone is usually stuffed to the brim with craft stuff. They are a place to hold blocks ready for sewing, for jotting down ideas and taking note of where I can find that project in the craft magazine when in 3 years time I will want to make something! LOL! 

So I have dug out a couple few to show.

This one holds sewing stuff that I take to craft days.

This one has small templates and patterns I have traced and used. I think it needs a little more done to it but I haven't gotten around to it and guess I never will now.

This one was made to hold my Leanne Beasley's Down in the Garden blocks and now it has Cake Walk Quilt blocks......must get back to that one!
And everyone knows how I love to make hand-made journals.....but that can be for another Tuesday's Treasure. Thanks Melody for providing this platform for sharing.

Mr B loves to eat fish often, but I'm not so keen, so last night for tea we had salmon with a herb and macadamia nut crust. I still only had a small piece of fish (had my fill of veggies)  but Mr B loved it! Wasn't hard to make either and other than the steamed veggies the rest is cooked in the oven.  

Ready for the oven!

Ready for our tummies! Low in fat and only 11 points on weight watchers (although their portions are a bit smaller). There was enough left over for his lunch today. 

P.S. I still don't like fish much! LOL! unless it's fish and chips from the shop! Now.......why is that so?

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Tis the Season Wall Hanging

I have now completed the wall hanging from Natalie Bird's book Tis the Season. It was surprisingly quick and easy to do and I have a couple of the little stitchery's left over.

I am very pleased with myself as this is another project I can add to my Christmas box. I might do another small stitchery and make another wall hanging as a gift and add it to the Birthday Love Stash box.

Also this morning I have dyed a small lace motif to add to a secret project I am working on for  Cheryll's Colour Swap. 

I haven't done any dyeing for a while now and it took two goes to get the colours I wanted right. the other one is soaking in the laundry in bleach!!!

Hope everyone is having an enjoyable Sunday............I'm  off now to make a nice cup of tea for Mr B and myself.

Saturday, 6 April 2013

April FNWF

I actually started my stitching a little early on Friday morning while waiting to go to work and finished off the last (so I say) of the Bon Noel wall hanging from Tis the Season book by Natalie Bird.

I decided to change the "Noel" word to an Italian word with the same meaning. Thought I would add a bit of significant cultural heritage to it. Will you look at the little birdie with the longest  must be heavy as he looks a little cross-eyed to me! I bet he is saying..."hurry up and take the photo so I can put this dam thing down!!!!"
This now makes it a total of 6 little blocks that are ready for putting together. Don't forget I did one for the album cover. I have really loved stitching these as they are so quick to finish.

The other item I completed is my runner and all that was left was to cut and sew on the binding. It's been sitting around for a while now and needed to be finished. I had a sore finger by the time I finished but it was worth it. I'm loving it.

It's a shame the colours don't come up too well in the photo, but I did take the piccy before the sun has come up. 
Thanks to Cheryll for hosting this night and I had a lovely night knowing I was stitching along-side all my friends out in blog-land. Need to go and check out what everyone else has been up to last night.