Friday, 19 April 2013

Quilt Finish

I have at last completed the quilt for Aidan's birthday. The darling little fellow was quite happy to wait for it to be completed and didn't nag too much! LOL!

I did a lot of in -the-ditch quilting and some stippling so that I could get it to him as soon as possible. He loves it and the older grandie has put his order in. Thank goodness his birthday is at the end of the year. Now to find some Star Wars fabric!


  1. Wow Heather, I love this! What a great quilt for your grandson, no wonder he's happy! x

  2. those Grandies are sure keeping you busy Heather,well done on a lovely finish.xx

  3. What a great quilt, love all the trucks. Best not let my hubby see it as he works in a quarry and he may want one just like it. LOL. Hugs......

  4. Wonderful cheerful colors....


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