Sunday, 7 April 2013

Tis the Season Wall Hanging

I have now completed the wall hanging from Natalie Bird's book Tis the Season. It was surprisingly quick and easy to do and I have a couple of the little stitchery's left over.

I am very pleased with myself as this is another project I can add to my Christmas box. I might do another small stitchery and make another wall hanging as a gift and add it to the Birthday Love Stash box.

Also this morning I have dyed a small lace motif to add to a secret project I am working on for  Cheryll's Colour Swap. 

I haven't done any dyeing for a while now and it took two goes to get the colours I wanted right. the other one is soaking in the laundry in bleach!!!

Hope everyone is having an enjoyable Sunday............I'm  off now to make a nice cup of tea for Mr B and myself.


  1. Love your hanger... I am still working on the stitching... the lace motif looks amazing... so pretty and delicate...

  2. You have done a beautiful job with the lace motif. Lovely finished wall hanging.

  3. Lovely hanger, gosh that did make up quick :) Wow the dying is just gorgeous the colours have come up so well, very pretty :)

  4. Love how your wall hanging has turned out and the lace looks very pretty with just that hint of soft colour to it :) Barb.

  5. Love the fabrics you have used for your Bon Noel wallhanging Beather. such pretty hand dyed lace

  6. Well done on the wall hanging finish.

    How good does the dyeing look. Fantastic I'd say.

  7. Great Christmas finish Heather, I love it!
    And dyeing - well that is so clever x


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