Sunday, 26 May 2013

A Touch of Winter

Nature is giving us a taste of winter here with a chill southerly breeze. It must be coming from real deep south as it is quite chilly and makes me want to sit in the sun without my hat!

We have a beautiful tea-tree in flower at the moment and the rainbow lorrikets are loving it.

It was so hard to get a bird in the picture as they kept coming and going and doing a lot of chattering ! 
LOL ! This is as close as we get to snow ! Well. . . . . . . I can pretend it's snow ! 

On the stitching front I have completed a very easy set of place mats and matching mug rugs. Not much stitching in these at all ! These are going into the Birthday Love Stash Box, but not for too long.

 Four place mats.

Four mug rugs to match.

Nice stash all together.

Still stitching the next set of place mats. 

Cup done - tick.

 Tea-pot done - tick.

Watering can done - tick.

Creamer  . . . . . . still going.

I think I'm going to have a cuppa, put on a good movie and finish this the last piece.
Happy stitching everyone.


  1. wow heather i love your placemat set,its gorgeous,and well done with your pretty stitching,enjoy your cuppa and movie.xx

  2. I love everything in this post. Your blue and white is delightful.

  3. Some really pretty sewing happening there... I love the rainbow lorikeets.. they can make quite a noise...

  4. Your photos are beautiful. I would love to see the lorkeets up closer. The place mats and embroidery are gorgeous. tfs!

  5. Yes, it is so frustrating trying to get a photo of those darn birds. I think they are camera shy!! Lovely sewing projects and stitching. Movie sounds like a good idea.....I might do that today.

  6. All of these images are looking fantastic thanks for the sharing.


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