Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Back To Work!

I have returned to work after a wonderful week off. Only a week I hear you say ! Yes ! but I did enjoy myself. No meetings, no deadlines, no reports, no traffic.

Instead I got a few secret swaps completed and completed the little stitchery that I found in  an old magazine. I think it was Country Threads. I didn't like the border fabrics used in the original so have decided to use something bright and cheerful.

Now to find some fabric from my stash and make up the rest of the mini. Of course I didn't chose the fabric and then the threads !  I always stitch first and look later, which comes with its own headaches !
AND....  I need to get back into the work routine. LOL! I have been to bed early every night ! Tired ! Tired ! Tired !


  1. lovely work Heather,sleep well my friend.xx

  2. Lovely stitchery Heather, like you I'll be having a week of in June and I can't wait for no deadlines, traffic etc.... Hope you stop feeling so tired soon :) Barb.

  3. Very nice stitchery Heather. Good luck with finding just the right fabric from your stash. Hugs.....

  4. Gorgeous stitching, hope your stash has just the thing for you :) Hope Mr Sandman leaves you alone soon :)

  5. A very cute stitchery. Good luck with the lack of sleep.

  6. lovely stitchery look forward to seeing the border. Sweet dreams !!!


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