Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Fat Quarter Swap for April

I came home from work last week and found the postie had left a package from the lovely Sharon . The theme this month was "Lucky dip" !
Sharon and I had a bit of a chat via email and decided to wing it with each other. Here is what she sent me. Lovely colours and fabulous thread and don't you just love the flowers! I can think of a couple of projects I can use these on.

Thanks Sharon.

Here is what I sent to Sharon. Don't you think the green threads that I sent Sharon are almost the same colour as the ones she sent me? Wish I could remember what number I sent Sharon!

I am now looking forward to the May swap.


  1. Oh no ...... I've already wound it onto a card and put it in my box and I cant work out exactly which one it is :( It has been fun swapping with you. Hugs

  2. lol,great swap ladies.xx

  3. Lovely fabrics & threads swapped. Hugs......


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