Saturday, 11 May 2013

Some Secret Sewing.

I have had a really lovely few days watching (it's raining/overcast here) stitching and being productive. I have completed one of the Christmas in July items and can only give you a quick peek!

I have finished a few more of the lace boards with different papers .

I went to Bunnings yesterday to buy more MDF!  I walked around buying blades, sanding blocks and board! That's novel for fabric just hardware.

I am loving this vintage style even more than usual and have decided to make some small tags for swaps and gifts.  I want to find a stiffer backing for these as I don't like them on Card Stock.

I have just cut out another 9 large boards and 8 small boards and once they are finished I think I will have a give-away to share some lace and ribbon boards with my followers. 
Back soon.


  1. I absolutely adore your vintage tags AND the lace boards AND the secret sewing you have been doing!
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  2. They are certainly eye catching, so pretty with the roses. The secret sewing looks lovely, you are well ahead already on this swap. Hugs.......

  3. They are just plain gorgeous Heather!!!!!
    I hope I get LuCkY and win one... fingers crossed :)
    Lovely "secret" sewing there too. Wonder who the lucky recipient will be? :)

  4. very beautiful! I would love a day with overcast. Here is arizona it is starting to warm up

  5. We will have to call you jig saw gal! They are lovely... again you are very brave to use the saw.

  6. Oh my! Those tags and boards are lovely! Who wouldn't want to get something like that? And your secret sewing project looks like it will be awesome :-)

  7. that looks a great Christmas in July project and I love your pretty board... well done you for getting onto the jigsaw!

  8. Love the Christmas in July sneak peek & the boards/tags are soooo pretty, well done for mastering a new craft :) Barb.

  9. Your vintage tags are just beautiful, and lovely sneaky peak of your Xmas in July project


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