Monday, 24 June 2013

Too Cold !

It has been quite cold here . . . .well . . . at the office it has been colder than outside that is ! The idiots at work have had the thermostat down so low it was much colder than it  actually was outside of the building.

Well,  the result is I have been sick since Thursday night ! Classic symptoms...sore throat, cough, runny nose and headaches. DD came over  on Saturday and made me chicken soup,  lots of hot soothing drinks and she also gave me a lovely bunch of flowers to cheer me up. Feeling miserable I have parked myself on the lounge with rug, socks, beanie and hot chocolate and watched TV/movies/slept most of the weekend. The cats have come in handy as ever-ready hot water bottles. LOL.

Very little stitching going on at all, except in the good drugged moments when I pick up my latest project "Shabby Roses Beauty" mystery BOM from Jenny of Elefantz e-magazine elefantz home. I only have a few leaves and some chain stitching to do and this block will be finished. I need to get on to the next one and try to catch up before  block 3 in the next issue is out in July.

Here's hoping you had a better weekend than my own.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Tuesday's Treasure

I'm joining Melody for Tuesday Treasures. My couple of treasures are Fleur and Ida my two cats! Now don't laugh at the names as I didn't call them that. These are two rescue cats from the  local shelter and those are the names they came with.

Fleur who is always willing to lend a hand paw.

Ida who just wants you to sit still . . . .is it too much to ask you to not move for a couple of hours ?

They are treasures to me because when you think the world has forsaken you they remain staunchly by your side....or on your lap.......or over your work........or blocking your view of the screen so you can't see what you are typing or pinching stuff !

 Ida likes to sit and watch.

Fleur the helper ??

Feeling love and contentment in their new home.

Thanks for sharing my treasures.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Looking for Something!

I have decided to finish a couple of projects I started some time ago (not saying how long ago) and I need my pattern book to do so . . . . . . . . . . . . . and no matter how much I look I just can't find it! I have pulled out about 3 or 4 areas looking for it and have come across lots of other books but not the one I want!
I saw it about a month ago while . . . . . . you guessed it . . . . . .looking for something else. At least I will be occupied when I have dementia !

These are what I want to finish. Two tartan rugs.

I need to just continue making the chains to thread through to make the tartan pattern emerge. I know how to do that  ,but it's which colour to use when, THAT,  I need to know! 
Have wool, crochet hook and ability and nothing else ! LOL  !

I have been doing a little stitching with the June pin cushion from Red House book and look what a mess I created for just a few scraps !

Oh well . . . . . . best I keep looking ! LOL !

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Finished at Last.

I have finally finished the remaining two place mats. Now I need to invite some friends around and have cake and coffee and show off my new mats ! They were super easy to make and I cheated a little by using quilted fabric for the backing. Lazy ! LOL !

So now there is four! These are not going into the Birthday Stash box but straight into my draw of pretty table cloths and things for afternoon teas ! Thanks Jenny of Elefantz for the great pattern.

When tiding up my space after completing the new place mats I spied a lovely piece in the layer cake bundle and  knew I had to make something with it ! It whispered " Lavender Sachets " to me !
 I had enough to make two and these will be going into the Birthday Love Stash for someone special.

Wish you could smell them . . . . . it's overcast here and it reminds me of a bright sunny day and fields of lavender . . . . . or rather, my large pot of lavender ! LOL !
I just love these birds and they were what caught my eye in the first place. 

Nice button to finish it off, too bad you can't see how sparkly it is.

I'm loving this idea of Wendy's from Sugarlane Quilts of having a stash ready for special birthday's. I have never been this organised ! If you pop on over to her blog you can join up this month and start your stash!


Sunday, 2 June 2013

Week-end Update.

I had planned to do a lot more stitching, but got so busy in the garden I forgot to come in and sew! I am loving this weather and taking advantage while it is cool.

There was a little sewing done in the early morning Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but nowhere near what I thought I would get done!
I finished only two of the place mats from Patchwork and Stitching Vol 14 No 1. Flowers for Tea by Jenny of  Elefantz. I'm loving her projects and get excited whenever I come across one.

Here are the other two ready for the backing and quilting to be done. I'll probably get these done after work during the week. Blast work stuff.......but......I need the money to support my habit ! LOL !

Happy stitching.