Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Finished at Last.

I have finally finished the remaining two place mats. Now I need to invite some friends around and have cake and coffee and show off my new mats ! They were super easy to make and I cheated a little by using quilted fabric for the backing. Lazy ! LOL !

So now there is four! These are not going into the Birthday Stash box but straight into my draw of pretty table cloths and things for afternoon teas ! Thanks Jenny of Elefantz for the great pattern.

When tiding up my space after completing the new place mats I spied a lovely piece in the layer cake bundle and  knew I had to make something with it ! It whispered " Lavender Sachets " to me !
 I had enough to make two and these will be going into the Birthday Love Stash for someone special.

Wish you could smell them . . . . . it's overcast here and it reminds me of a bright sunny day and fields of lavender . . . . . or rather, my large pot of lavender ! LOL !
I just love these birds and they were what caught my eye in the first place. 

Nice button to finish it off, too bad you can't see how sparkly it is.

I'm loving this idea of Wendy's from Sugarlane Quilts of having a stash ready for special birthday's. I have never been this organised ! If you pop on over to her blog you can join up this month and start your stash!



  1. oh Heather you do such beautiful work,love it all,well done.xx

  2. LOVE them all!! And you used Aviary for the, that's very special indeed. You've made my designs SO beautiful.
    And yes, Wendy is a clever gal indeed. ;-)

  3. Love your beautiful placements Heather and your sachets are so lovely and old wordly

  4. Those are so beautiful.... I would love to come and have tea but I would be so frightened of spilling on your lovely work....
    love the lavender bags - it is great to have a little stash on hand...

  5. What gorgeous mats....they would look wonderful with your nice teacups. I love lavender pretty!


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