Thursday, 25 July 2013

The Big Reveal!

After much anticipation the 25th has finally come around and the parcel from the postman that had been sitting in my craft room was opened.

What a lovely surprise in store for me! First, that my secret partner was Maria from Life on the Block and second was all the goodies wrapped up in Christmas paper.

The cutest Santa!

Lovely Table Runner.

Gorgeous Tea-towel.

Extra Goodies that includes a lovely FQ, Christmas panels and ribbons.

WOW! Thank you so much Maria for these wonderful gifts, I feel really spoiled by this lot! I am going to enjoy them every year at Christmas time.

My swap partner was Peg from Happy in Quilting and this is what I have sent to Peg.

A table center - "H" for Holly.

A couple of Tea-towels - "T" for Tree

Didn't want to embellish too much as, they are after all..... Tea-Towels!
 Thanks Shez for the inspiration!! LOL!

Lace and Ribbon Boards - "A"  for Angels, "S"  for Santa. Made especially for Peg! 

There are some other goodies, like FQ, coffee and chocolate, but as usual I forgot to take a piccy of the final package and you will have to go over to Peg's blog to see the rest! 

Thanks to Cheryll at Gone Stitchin` for hosting this swap.


  1. wow and double wow Heather what a wonderful lot of goodies sent and received,what a great swap ladies.xx

  2. Lovely gifts all round Wow is right

  3. OMG EvERYOnE has gone wild with their wonderful gifts!!! This was soooo much FUN we will definitely do it again next year!!! :)

  4. Beautiful gifts both given and received. Hugs.....

  5. Wow. I love this idea and all of the gifts are so wonderful. :)

  6. Both exchange packages are very nice....

  7. Beautiful gifts received and sent... How cute is that Santie x

  8. Look what you received they are gorgeous....and as for wow and mine so much mwah.....

  9. Great gifts both sent and received...

  10. Hi Heather... oh this post is full of lovely goodies... Maria has sent you a great parcel of goodies... enjoy!!

  11. They are all beautiful - but santa would be my favourite - I am a Santa lover tho!!

  12. Sew pleased you are happy with your gifts and I love the ones you made and sent to Peg...
    Now I can follow you publicly. No more stalking.LOL

  13. OMG... such gorgeousness!!!!
    Love ALL the wonderful gifts sent back and forth! Enjoy your Christmas in July over the weekend! :)

  14. Such beautiful gifts that you sent and received!

  15. Gosh Heather what you made is absolutely gorgeous, such a great parcel. And what a fabulous 'haul' to receive :)


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