Wednesday, 28 August 2013

New Project

Today is a day off on a new roster starting this week. I have been allowed to trial working only 4 days a week instead of 5 ! I was sooo excited when this was approved as I had been asking for about two years to reduce my hours.

So after doing the necessary things around the house I am going to watch a movie and do some more stitching on my latest project.

I saw this quilt at Wendy's and fell in love with it immediately and set about looking for the first block in Homespun magazine,  Christmas in July issue back in 2012 ! Lucky for me DD has a subscription and she able to find it easily. The rest of the blocks are on-line.

Of course I started on block 2 as I really, really love that camel !

I don't know about anyone else, but I so want to add eyelashes !!!

I have also finished the next block of Beauty by Jenny of Elefantz and I think we only have a super cute lady bug to go and the main blocks are completed.

Here are some more birthday Fat Quarters that keep appearing my mail box.

From Arlene

From Carol

From Cathy

August Fat Quarter Swap partner was Carol and here is what she sent to me.

and this is what I sent for Carol.

 Thanks everyone for the lovely birthday wishes, fat quarters, coffee, buttons, ribbons and other items. They just kept coming and coming ! I was really spoilt ! Hope I have added everyone's and not mixed up the senders ! I will do a final check today.


  1. That camel does have 'attitude' doesn't he. And WOW!! look at all of those beautiful fat quareters - lucky girl!!

  2. Gorgeous camel there Heather - I love that quilt design, seen it in Homespun, it shows a fun side of the whole Christmas story... well done..
    And looks like you have plenty of Birthday goodies to enjoy there, wonderful!! x

  3. The camel definitely looks like it could bat an eyelash or two :) Thanks for linking up to New to Me in 2013 too.


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