Saturday, 21 September 2013

Reporting in for Friday Night Sew-In.

Just glad to have made it to the end of the working week so I  can stay home and potter around in the garden and the craft room.

Thanks to Wendy  for hosting Friday night sew in.

I didn't feel well last night but did manage to do a little stitching and finish off one of the hand towels I had ready and waiting. I decided to do a little trim around the bottom of the towel as well. I only just had enough scraps left of this fabric to finish off the towel. I like that I can use pieces from my scrap bin and I thought it matched the towel just beautifully.

I did manage to find some time last week to go to Spotlight ! Just to pick up some necessary things that is !
Found this lovely range of fabric. I don't know what it is called as it's not written on the selvedge, only on the bolt.

Can't wait to make something with these pieces. 

Pop on over to Wendy's and see what everyone got up to last night.


  1. Lots of lovely pretty things, I specially love the hand towel and fabrics you bought :) Barb.

  2. hope you are feeling better this morning... love the edging to your hand towels and those christmas stitcheries are STILL on my wish list.... lovely fabrics...

  3. I'm still working on baby stuff and of course right in the middle of a project my machine freezes up! Off to the repair man come Monday.
    Your work is always so beautiful. You really do inspire me. :)
    I hope you're feeling better soon.

  4. Hope you are feeling better today. Love your sewing and very sweet fresh and springlike... Is that a word Lol.

  5. Great tea towel....and your stitchery is looking so good...very pretty fabric..

  6. I hope you are feeling better today, you still managed to get some great work done... I love the new fabric too, it is such a pretty collection.

  7. beautiful stitching ;-) gorgeous fabrics - very spring!

  8. Love your stitching...nice towels too!!!

  9. Beautiful sitiching and lovely towels.

  10. lovely stitching Heather and love your hand towel,such beautiful work and i hope you are feeling better now.xx

  11. The fabric in your towel is beautiful and so is your stitching. Hope you are feeling better now. Hugs.....

  12. Beautiful towel. Look forward to seeing what you make with your new fabric.

  13. Hello Heather,
    Great fabric choices, hope you are feeling better. Good luck with your projects.

    Happy days.

  14. not nice feeling awful hope you get better soon.
    nice stichery and hand towels you have been working on.
    lovely fabrics you have too.

  15. LOVE the fabrics...and stitching's at your place next??? Hmmm....might have a wander through the Halls of Stash....


  16. I'm glad you finally got your fabrics home.....never thought you'd get out of there!!!!!! But definitely well worth the wait! Love what you got up to on Saturday night.....I bet you felt unwell on Friday from all of the laughing we got up to on Monday...still in recovery!!!! LOL xox big sloppy sugary hugs :o)

  17. Hi Heather - oh they are indeed very pretty Spotlight purchases, essentials of course! - You are making great progress with the Bethlehem stitcheries, good on you ! x


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