Sunday, 8 September 2013

Small Things

The weekend had a little of everything that I love.

   A little stitching on the next block of Bethlehem Quilt. I hated stitching with the metallic threads, but with advice from friends, such as, using shorter pieces and taking longer stitches it's not so bad now. I am learning to deal with it !

A little card making. Made some small cards from left over card stock for my birthday Fat Quarter parcels.

A little cooking.

Easy orange cake with orange frosting. Found the recipe on Best Recipes. Grand-kids thought it was great.

And a couple of more surprise packages have arrived on Friday with still some more birthday Fat Quarters. Thanks again for the goodies.

From Lyn Smith

From Claire.

Lovely weekend it was . . . . . .  friends and family, sewing and fat quarters.


  1. Looking forward to seeing the quilt grow. I also am not happy stitching with metallic thread.

  2. I think it was worth persevering with the metallic thread Looks great
    Fantastic cards I would be very happy to receive one of those The recipients will be delighted

  3. I've never tried using metallic thread but will keep those tips in mind when I do. Btw, that cake looks gorgeous!

  4. Love those cards...beautiful stitching...and must check out that recipe...


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