Sunday, 27 October 2013

Not very far from Home.

I  had the usual mundane working week last week, but with one really delightful day having breakfast and coffee with DD and a friend at Harvey's Range Heritage Tea House. Nothing like breaking up the working week with Wednesday off ! After a frustrating drive through numerous road works, that seemed to last forever, and lots of mud and dirt we eventually arrived.

So peaceful and cool up in the mountains (about 30 minutes from home),  it was quite lovely sitting back and relaxing and enjoying the morning. Next time we are thinking of taking our stitching as it is quite inspiring. Might wait for the road works to finish though, which is scheduled for early 2014 !

I have been working on an adorable little lady bird for my Beauty quilt by  Jennifer of Elefantz. I did forget which circles were solid and which ones were not and started to stitch them all ! She is such a cutie !

Hope everyone has an enjoyable week-end with lots of sewing and stitching. DD and I, Michelle and Jenny are off to Wendy's to do lots of stitching on Monday ! LOL !

Sunday, 20 October 2013

The Empire Strikes Back.

In a galaxy far far away.................
Dylan Skywalker's Nonna was busily stitching him his birthday present. She usually likes to stitch flowers and butterflies, but this time she had an important mission on the Green moon of Endor.

Alright enough of the silly stuff! After the dismal Friday night effort,  I found my mojo and got to stitching and  finally finished Dylan's quilt (which by the way will be required on Wednesday!).

Star Wars on the front and....

.........Star Wars on the back!

But that's not all, I also made a small cushion  and a normal pillow case. The cushion's idea came from Amy from Nana Company and I loved it on sight and thought it would be a perfect accompaniment for the quilt. It has a few of the named planets and The Death Star.

Thanks Amy, I am sure Dylan will love it.

I did a bit of random quilting around the planets as paths around the different worlds and it should provide some entertainment when trying to see where the Jedi have been.

May the force be with us all to get birthday quilts finished before they are required ! Right ! I'm off to Camino to do a bit of cloning! LOL! I actually have to take the washing off the line, but Camino sounds better don't you think ?

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Friday Night Sew In.

I really couldn't get my stuff together last night. I even had the obligatory Tim-Tams at the ready (and had a couple), but no good! I flitted from one thing to another and then gave up and went to bed.

I did a little quilting on my Star Wars quilt for Dylan. Easy just sewing in straight lines.

I wanted to make some small Christmas decorations from the latest Better Homes and Gardens magazine "All I want for Christmas" and I started out OK, tracing the templates then cutting them out, but things got worse from there and, with only a few done the mind wandered on to something else !

Looks like others were very productive, so on go over and check out what they did at Wendy's Blog, and thanks Wendy for hosting.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Monday Gathering

I spent a lovely day with friends . . . . . . . . . we were supposed to be stitching, but I only got a bit done on my 3 wise men. Too busy laughing.

Jenny and Michelle (no blog) stitching away.

I have had to borrow my photos from Jenny's
 and Wendy's blogs, as I was too busy doing other stuff.

We had Pear and Rasberry Cake ( from November Better Homes and Gardens)  for morning tea  and  Chicken stuffed with Herbs and Cheese and wrapped in procriutto with salad for lunch. It's always a pleasure cooking for these peeps as they give much praise whether it is deserved or not!

These days make a welcome change from my work life where everything is mostly serious. We laugh, talk, drink coffee and check out what each other has sewn in the last couple of weeks. We even try to steal each others fat quarter bundles! Everyone has to be frisked on leaving! LOL!

A wonderful day!

Sunday, 13 October 2013

New Christmas Table Runner

I can't seem to stop stitching Christmas items. Everytime I see another project I'm off into my Christmas stash of fabrics and away I go.

  Somebody stop me !  ! ! ! !

As soon as I saw this one from Jenny of  Elefantz I knew I just had to do it. It was love at first sight. 

I loved using stuff from my stash and it was a quick and easy project to complete . . . . . . now for another project.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Labour Day Holiday

Here in Queensland we are having our holiday for Labour Day and instead of sitting around or going camping (like most of the town) I am pottering around the house & cooking.
This morning I made a chocolate slice (recipe from here ) from the lovely ladies from A Spoonful of Sugar. It is  delicious and easy to make.

I also tried out a recipe from the November Issue of Better Homes & Gardens of  Pear and Raspberry cake. It came out very moist and very yummy, but if I make it again I will use a bigger tin as it took much longer than stated to cook and I had to cover the top with foil to stop it burning !

I love the latest issue of Elefantz home e-magazine with lots of Christmas stitching and want to make most of the projects featured. Oh! which one to do first!

I have started on the runner in the top right hand corner. It is just beautiful, but of course it helps when you have seen it in real life . . . . .  and I must say I do love that red bag! Don't really need another one, but, I guess one more won't hurt.

Here is what I did last night. I didn't really stick with the sizes given, but used the pattern in the fabric as a guide and it seems to fit OK. 

Here are the fabrics I'm using.

Just found this lot in my stash and I'm pleased to be using them, although what possessed me to buy such a busy Christmas pattern is beyond me as it's not the usual type I go for. I guess it was meant to be !