Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Monday Gathering

I spent a lovely day with friends . . . . . . . . . we were supposed to be stitching, but I only got a bit done on my 3 wise men. Too busy laughing.

Jenny and Michelle (no blog) stitching away.

I have had to borrow my photos from Jenny's
 and Wendy's blogs, as I was too busy doing other stuff.

We had Pear and Rasberry Cake ( from November Better Homes and Gardens)  for morning tea  and  Chicken stuffed with Herbs and Cheese and wrapped in procriutto with salad for lunch. It's always a pleasure cooking for these peeps as they give much praise whether it is deserved or not!

These days make a welcome change from my work life where everything is mostly serious. We laugh, talk, drink coffee and check out what each other has sewn in the last couple of weeks. We even try to steal each others fat quarter bundles! Everyone has to be frisked on leaving! LOL!

A wonderful day!


  1. what a fun day,if only all days could be like this,hey Heather.xx

  2. What a great day you had looks like lots of fun. The cake looks yummy. x

  3. Oh sounds like a great day...lunch looks delicious...I'll be over for the next gathering!

  4. Brilliant day as always. Just lamenting not having a second piece of that cake!
    Thanks, hon. xxxxx


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