Sunday, 27 October 2013

Not very far from Home.

I  had the usual mundane working week last week, but with one really delightful day having breakfast and coffee with DD and a friend at Harvey's Range Heritage Tea House. Nothing like breaking up the working week with Wednesday off ! After a frustrating drive through numerous road works, that seemed to last forever, and lots of mud and dirt we eventually arrived.

So peaceful and cool up in the mountains (about 30 minutes from home),  it was quite lovely sitting back and relaxing and enjoying the morning. Next time we are thinking of taking our stitching as it is quite inspiring. Might wait for the road works to finish though, which is scheduled for early 2014 !

I have been working on an adorable little lady bird for my Beauty quilt by  Jennifer of Elefantz. I did forget which circles were solid and which ones were not and started to stitch them all ! She is such a cutie !

Hope everyone has an enjoyable week-end with lots of sewing and stitching. DD and I, Michelle and Jenny are off to Wendy's to do lots of stitching on Monday ! LOL !


  1. Not sure how much stitching will get done with the girls Heather - but the company will wonderful for sure!

  2. lovely post heather,have fun with the girls,i couldnt get on your blog yesterday it kept telling me it was no longer a blog and that i could claim the name and it had me totally confused,i tried a few times,so glad i could get on today.xx

  3. Hi Heather,
    Lovely peaceful photos you have there, love to be surrounded by all that gorgeous scenery myself!! lol Very cute little lady bird.
    Cheers, Anita.

  4. What a gorgeous place to be able to stitch :) Especially if you could fly there (like a lady bug) instead of er crawl like a person in a car, lol


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