Sunday, 20 October 2013

The Empire Strikes Back.

In a galaxy far far away.................
Dylan Skywalker's Nonna was busily stitching him his birthday present. She usually likes to stitch flowers and butterflies, but this time she had an important mission on the Green moon of Endor.

Alright enough of the silly stuff! After the dismal Friday night effort,  I found my mojo and got to stitching and  finally finished Dylan's quilt (which by the way will be required on Wednesday!).

Star Wars on the front and....

.........Star Wars on the back!

But that's not all, I also made a small cushion  and a normal pillow case. The cushion's idea came from Amy from Nana Company and I loved it on sight and thought it would be a perfect accompaniment for the quilt. It has a few of the named planets and The Death Star.

Thanks Amy, I am sure Dylan will love it.

I did a bit of random quilting around the planets as paths around the different worlds and it should provide some entertainment when trying to see where the Jedi have been.

May the force be with us all to get birthday quilts finished before they are required ! Right ! I'm off to Camino to do a bit of cloning! LOL! I actually have to take the washing off the line, but Camino sounds better don't you think ?


  1. lol love your post Heather,young Dylan's going to love this,well done on such a wonderful finish.xx

  2. Dylan's quilt looks great. It's wonderful how you have turned a quilt into such a personal, treasured gift. The style that may not be our personal preference but one the recipient will love for years. You can get back to flowers and butterflies now. LOL

  3. Oh! and I love the matching cushion!

  4. What a great quilt for Dylan

  5. Mmmm, mmmm, good! Great work, I am sure it will be well loved.

  6. Camino and cloning sound much better than washing, lol. Look at you getting a birthday quilt done light years ahead of time, woohoo! It looks fantasmagoric, and the pillowcase and cushion are genius touches :) Bet Dylan will adore it AND wonderful Nonna You :)

  7. You definitely have The Force, Heather - this is super-duper - Dylan will love it to bits!! Well Done!! x


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