Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Stitching Day with Friends

I had a lovely day with the girls yesterday, stitching, eating, drinking (coffee, tea and water only) and talking.
It is so wonderful to get together and just relax and stitch while trying to solve the problems of the world.

We spent the day at Michelle's place and as usual she kept us well fed and watered with Eccles cakes for morning tea. I have seen this recipe lots of times and they always look delicious and this time I got to taste and they are everything the pictures promise. 

Who could stop at one !

Wraps for lunch.....so healthy, and to finish off it was custard tart with bananas and cream ! Yum O !

No tea for me tonight........yeah right.....I'm always hungry !

Wendy, Michelle, Blossom, Jenny, Barb and I all had an enjoyable time stitching together. And just to show that it wasn't all laughter and food here is what we were working on.
P.S. I got these photos from Jenny's blog.

With Jenny working on this winter fellow.

And for me,  I started Rosalie Quinlan's Best Friends Forever BOM which I think sums up this little group.

Lots of lovely things being stitched !


  1. Fabulous time spent with friends enjoying delicious food and working on beautiful projects' too.

  2. what fun you girls have,so nice to see what you all get up to.xx

  3. I could die for some of that custard tart!!!!!!!


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