Monday, 27 January 2014

Introducing a new blogger!

I know how hard it is when you are new to blogging and thought I might introduce a new stitching person to the wide world of like minded stitching and sewing people.

Check out Barb's blog here at  Cotton Compulsions and say hello!

Here is a sample of what she is stitching at the moment.

I am doing another stitchery......surprise, surprise! I have a few things I need to make for the birthday box and of course I can't show you too much! I am using Cottage Garden Threads and there will be the need to go to the craft shop this week to pick out another few colours. I am doing it all in different variegated threads.

For those who have asked about the recipes for these two, they are now on the Recipe Page. Enjoy!

Hope everyone had an enjoyable extra day off today ( I know I did!) and a great week to come.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

FNSI Results!

Well! It's hot and humid here with a 90% chance of a thunderstorm! So...armed with this knowledge I decided it was time to head down to the local AGAIN and have someone else cook dinner! It's just too easy to come home from work, change, pick up my stitching, head down to the local and have a fine meal with the family and stitch! 

Waiting for the others to arrive - time to stitch!

 I got a bit more done on my secret project, but can't show you too much even though I would love to!

Chicken Caesar Salad......Yum! Beer is not mine! See the Coke in the first picture......that's mine! LOL!
 I am the designated driver! 
Thanks Wendy for hosting last night! I'll have to pop on over to her page now and see what everyone else was up to.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

The Importance of Friendship!

With working almost full time and having a particular busy week with trying to fill in for missing staff I really appreciate what my friends mean to me and how they enrich my life. That is why I love the stitching days with my friends.
Each of these people bring a much needed balance into my life when it seems I need it the most.
That is why I love to share a meal and stitching with these gorgeous ladies on a fortnightly basis.  
Hence.......having not seen them for a number of weeks I wanted to make them something special! Enter some little mice! Some have names already! Go on over and see what Jenny and Wendy named their mice! LOL! 

I took the photos of the first one I made as I fell in love as soon as she was completed, but had to have one of Jenny's pictures to show the whole three! Thanks Jenny! 
I am always forgetting to take pictures! Such cute big won't be able to sneak up on these lovely ladies.
If you are wanting to make some go on over to  Helen's Blog and have a look around at all she has to offer, including lovely free patterns!

There was Over the Top Chocolate Brownies for morning tea and Vietnamese Pork Salad for lunch. I tried to add balance......chocolate with healthy! I will add the recipes on the weekend to my blog if anyone wants to try them out.

I finished my first little block for Best Friends Forever BOM and started on another. That's my shadow in the bottom one! Can't keep my big head out of the way!

I hope everyone had as wonderful day as I had on Monday.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Friday Night with Friends

I joined Friday Night with Friends hosted by Cheryll at Gone Stitchin`. I did a little stitching  in the morning before work and then picked it up again in the evening.

I felt hot and a bit tired and hubby and I decided to invite the family to the local  for a meal. Everyone was very willing to spend some time in the air-con with a few drinks, a good meal and wonderful company. I also took my stitching along. I can multi-task you sew!

I had the Salt & Pepper Calamari......yummy!

I continued on my Beauty BOM from the lovely Jenny of Elefantz. Jenny has some great tutorials on her blog and lots of beautiful free patterns. 
 I'm a little behind with this quilt, but now that Christmas is over for another year I'm sure I will catch up fast.

Now, I have done this block previously, but decided to change the quilt around a little now that I have seen it completed and am having to redo this ones fault but my own!
Hope everyone had a happy and productive night and thanks for stitching with me. Thanks again to Cheryll for hosting.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Another Hot Day

According to the Townsville Bulletin we have recorded 51 days straight, of above 30C degree temperatures. Now this is not news to us as we do it every year and although it is hot,  it's usually the humidity that makes you feel hot and sticky and reluctant to move or want to do anything.
So what do we do to cool off? There is always the air-conditioners to cool the place down or you can go a little way down the road and really cool off!

To here!

Paradise Pools at Crystal Creek, about 25 minutes north of Townsville.

Grandies had a lovely day in the water.

Feeding the fish bread crusts.

We arrived early so there were not many other families there, but over the course of the next few hours lots of others came for a picnic and a swim. It was by no means crowed and there was plenty of space for everyone. The water was cool and deep. Can't or won't show you a pics of my back as I got a little sunburned although I did put on the sunscreen and reapplied ! Off to the shops tomorrow to get one of those swimming shirts ! Not too late as I can see us going again soon.

As I don't make new year resolutions ( don't keep them and trying to just adds to the everyday pressures), on the craft front I have decided to concentrate on finishing some UFOs and do some journal/album making. I already have an order of  graphic 45 papers on it's way and I want to make some albums  for the birthday box.
Hope everyone is coping with whatever mother nature is throwing at us (weather wise) around the world..