Wednesday, 22 January 2014

The Importance of Friendship!

With working almost full time and having a particular busy week with trying to fill in for missing staff I really appreciate what my friends mean to me and how they enrich my life. That is why I love the stitching days with my friends.
Each of these people bring a much needed balance into my life when it seems I need it the most.
That is why I love to share a meal and stitching with these gorgeous ladies on a fortnightly basis.  
Hence.......having not seen them for a number of weeks I wanted to make them something special! Enter some little mice! Some have names already! Go on over and see what Jenny and Wendy named their mice! LOL! 

I took the photos of the first one I made as I fell in love as soon as she was completed, but had to have one of Jenny's pictures to show the whole three! Thanks Jenny! 
I am always forgetting to take pictures! Such cute big won't be able to sneak up on these lovely ladies.
If you are wanting to make some go on over to  Helen's Blog and have a look around at all she has to offer, including lovely free patterns!

There was Over the Top Chocolate Brownies for morning tea and Vietnamese Pork Salad for lunch. I tried to add balance......chocolate with healthy! I will add the recipes on the weekend to my blog if anyone wants to try them out.

I finished my first little block for Best Friends Forever BOM and started on another. That's my shadow in the bottom one! Can't keep my big head out of the way!

I hope everyone had as wonderful day as I had on Monday.


  1. Hermoine and I had the best of days with you, and a new love affair has begun. You are an amazing friend, and I am so blessed by you.
    Jen. xxxxx

  2. Thank-you for the mouse pattern. I was hopingI could track it down after seeing the pictures on Jenny's blog.

  3. Those mice are adorable and I would love that salad recipe! Thanks for all the links too. I'm Jenny and Wendy's pages now and then onto the mice! :D - Great post!

  4. So enjoyed reading about your day and the beautiful mice on Jenny and Wendy's blogs. You are so priviledged to have such good friends. xx

  5. Hi Heather,
    So very true about friends and how special they are. The little mice are a cute gesture for your friends. Another interesting thing I have found about people is seems all the Heather's I know are super sweet.
    Have a fab day.
    Cheers, Anita.

  6. Your mice are so cute - what a lovely gift for your sewing buddies.


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