Saturday, 8 February 2014

Friday Night Stitching & Light Sabres!

I joined in with others last night for Friday Night with Friends hosted by Chez, and while I stitched away I was entertained by my 9 year old grandson who was excitedly extolling the virtues of light sabres vs other weapons available to leggo characters!

Let me tell you how hard it is to look at the actions of each character and continue to stitch on the lines! LOL! It takes a mini-series to explain all of the inner workings of each piece! 
There was no opportunity to close ones eyes!
I did however finish the stitching on my newest project and now it is ready for the next stage.

I also did a bit on a new album I am making. The paper is called Tea Break by Kaiser Craft.

And after a story on Better Homes and Gardens we decided we would do some melted crayon art in the morning and had a hunt around for the items we would be needing. Lucky Nonna has a well stocked craft room.

Thanks again to Chez for hosting last night. Pop on over to her blog and check out what everyone else was up to .......and may the force be with you.


  1. looks like a fun night Heather and may the force also be with you my friend.xx

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  4. lovely stitching. Well done with all the distraction.

  5. Sorry about the deletions but my computer was a bit slow and more clicking just lead to more of the same comment.

  6. Oh what FuN !!! Thanks for stopping in for FNWF. :)

  7. ahhh I so miss my boys playing with those things. They are 19 and 23 now LOL.

  8. Mr9 sounds like he has a wonderful imagination Heather - good for him - you are full of all the right info now, LOL...
    The crayon art looks interesting, and that stitchery is just gorgeous, can't wait to see the next stage...

  9. It's looking gorgeous look forward to the next stage .

  10. Sounds like you had a fun night stitching and playing with Lego , my boys loved those toys ! Lovely stitchery :-)

  11. Lol....light sabre and lego rule!!
    Impossible to stitch when you have the best entertainment in the world performing for you. Kids are great!!
    Cheers, Anita.

  12. such a great post to read - everyone knows that light sabres will win :) visiting from FNwF :)

  13. Gorgeous stitchery. Hugs......

  14. Your embroidery is lovely... love the soft colors! That melted crayon project sounds

  15. Gorgeous stitching and sounds like a nice time with leggos, light sabres and your Grandson.

  16. Lovely stitching and it sounds like you had some good entertainment as well.

  17. Gorgeous stitchery! Must be fun to work side by side with your grandkid!

  18. That's a lovely stitchery design, Heather. When I read about your grandson it reminded me that when I was teaching, little boys would tag along with me while I did playground duty and spend the time getting me up to date with toys and computer games! Lol

  19. Your stitching is so, so pretty! It must be fun listening as your grandson plays with his Legos. My guys loved them so much. I have bins and bins of Legos up in the attic. Even though they're in their twenties now...I don't dare get rid of them! xo

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