Thursday, 27 February 2014

In a Spin!

I wasn't feeling well on Friday night so there was no stitching done for FNSI and as it turned out I was worse on Saturday and so far the rest of the week has not been much better.
The doctor says I have Vestibular neuritis/Labyrinthitis which is caused by a virus affecting the inner ear  and balance which causes dizziness and nausea.

I have spent the last few days at the doctors and having tests and apparently there is not much to do except ride it out and let it resolve itself.

It has been hard to see the PC and don't talk about stitching, let alone walking and eating. Guess it is good for the diet!
But I think I am on the mend and have been able to pick up some embroidery today for short periods of time............feels soooo good after 6 days of nothing.
So I really don't have much to show for the last week but some stitchery that I did a while ago and these have been in my UFO pile waiting for somewhere to go!

These are lovely Bronwyn Hayes designs and looking at them certainly cheers me up. Sorry about my non replies to those who have left comments on the blog. Will get to them soon.


  1. Oh you poor girl Heather! How horrible for you. I wish you a speedy recovery. Your blocks are just beautiful. I loved that you shared them. Rest up ! Hugs xx

  2. Hope you feel better soon. Your stitcheries are gorgeous.

  3. Your stitchery's are just beautiful, Heather. Get well soon

  4. oh heather hope you get better quickly and that you are starting to feel better,love your stitcheries,take care.xx

  5. Beautiful stitcheries. Hope you are feeling a lot better.

  6. OOoh yuk... poor thing...
    I hope you are feeling better really soon... take care :)

  7. How awful. Glad you are feeling better at last. Hugs.....

  8. I have something very similar ... I was told something is clogging up the hairs ... The worst was moving my heads position. Still there after a few weeks but much better

  9. Oops ... Sent too soon ... Hope all much better for you ...

  10. Hope it doesn't drag on for too long! Hope you feel better real soon :)
    I love Bronwyn Hayes stuff too!!!!
    Barb xx

  11. oh goodness! Hope it works its way out for ya fast!

  12. That sounds scary Heather - just take care - hope it resolves very soon xx

  13. Ugh, hope you are better now, my mum had this a few years ago, not nice!


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