Monday, 10 February 2014

Picasso eat your heart out!

It's always interesting to learn a new craft and I really don't know if you could call crayon painting with your grandson a craft, but none the less we had a go.

It is really marvellous to see what we could scrounge up from the craft room! No trips to the shops as all items required were in stock right here!

Preparing the canvas

Melting the crayons.

Dylan's masterpiece.

My masterpiece! Will probably be worth a fortune as it's likely the only one I'll ever do!

Both together  -  I don't expect I'll be retiring and living off the proceeds, so I think it'll be back to work.
Not hard to clean up either.

Thanks Better Homes and Gardens for some different entertainment! 


  1. wow heather you are Picassa,well done.xx

  2. that looks quite fun... what are the things you stuck to the canvas?

  3. I love them both...very creative.

  4. Looks like a lot of fun for the both of you, very impressive work :-)

  5. I reckon Dylan just had the best time because he was doing it with *you*...and sure, you mightn't make a million bucks, but that kind of happiness and fun is actually priceless. xxx

  6. I agree with Jenny. A priceless experience for you both. Love seeing children expressing themselves creatively. Well done to you both xx

  7. Hello Heather,

    Saw these on Better Homes and Garden, love the blue green toned one.

    Happy days.


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